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I q scores in education and she was going to perform these studt of these tests on them and then afterwards have professionals analyze the data to see if they can tell who was gay based on these like certain tests that they did. And i'll tell you the tested minute. So like a single blind with a controlled sample group. Yes but she said. I'm just sitting here pictured. Like did she put up a picture of a scantily clad woman and scantily clad man and see which one gets their brain waves going. No so how. Are you gonna find thirty openly homosexual males in the nineteen fifties gay bar. What am i brain. Go craigslist thing of thirty twenty to fifty something. Gay men emailed me a doctor hooker. Oh my god. I guess it was the fifties it would have been aol but no gay bars. Were being rated at this point in time. Remember stonewall being rated but that doesn't mean that they weren't still existing. That's true but you had to know where to go. One of very under the radar all convenient that. She has to gay best friends true but instead she went to the mattachine society which was one of the first gay rights organizations. Whenever i told you that like stonewall is considered like the start of everything. The mattachine society in Daughters of believes the to like big kick starter for the community gutters of believes that was the first lake lesbian organization. Which you can hear more about when sage in tales comes out and tell you about that awesome podcast but anyway so she went to madison society. And obviously there like. We've got an abundance. A plethora of homosexual men take your pick but bindi dreams to come true we another plethora of the homosexuals. What does that sound like. I'm selecting a cheese. Oh cheese here for okay you cheddar think about it before you bring it.

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