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Live on tape. It's the fastest hour and podcasting this. It's not funny. Now here's your host Jimmy Pardo Helluva tedious. Welcome to the program episode twenty-five Our our pilot episode talking about day. Somebody started that thought. That'd be interesting You GotTa deal with Jack in the cubicle next. Did you go into Jack up today. Okay Jack God Jack Up the Rajak more in my life. Not The guy that runs that Burger shop that okay well to be fair. It's Jack Sparrow he is an actual pirate. Maybe I could pick any other name bill. Yeah what you're right You Know Jack Sparrow. No don't ever higher expert for your smartphone this at this point they don't bay eight the pirates. That's already all right. We're back everybody talking. Yes that's happened that it we didn't tell you because we have a guest Daniel Cannibal talk from your time. Ron My family home. How Elliott's late today are we going to get to the bottom to that Elliott? Do we understand why you're late all right. It was just a new new dad related stuff and and while I fully admit that I could have a baby. What is very shocking shocking? That's why couldn't leave on time. Oh No Different kinds of late. No debt some of my dad and I could have not answered the email probably what I did. But it's one of those things it's like. I've been waiting for somebody to respond and it is kind of important so I thought I I don't WanNa look like also I'm taking too long so I responded and in doing so lost track doc of time. I think we've all done that completely. Understandable you also don't want to then have that be weighing on your head all day long going. Oh I should have taken the seven minutes to do that and now I'm going to four hours later obsession something I get it I get it now. That doesn't explain. Why utech so poor lead in a timely manner I wait what I don't know my sentence Mendosa today's text I thought was pristine good text. I text I said I I am leaving at this time. I know I will be late. Here's here's me. I guess this is what I was getting a passive aggressive way in an attempt at humor. But I missed. I missed on every fucking level Is the system that has started here at never not funny with Garin night before saying confirming the time and then Matt will do a pitcher judge our banks I will say yes sir or some other what. I find to be a fun way of responding which I recognized really never is And then nine thirty. The next morning is when Elliot Hope Burke confirms the time with what are you doing the night prior that you cannot confirm the night before. That's that's what I'm asking. I didn't that happen this today. That today was fine. This was fine. Well what happens sometimes is something occurs where my phone is silent and forget to turn it back on And so then I see it at four in the morning when I'm still away I see so then we wake up to it. Yeah which I actually want to ask. Is that bad. Does that wake you up if it's three or four in the morning okay. Well then you know how I feel when you text me at seven thirty but I also don't want seven thirty. PM The morning when human beings. I have text threads from you guys where you're back and forth about some new stories. Goddamn right we are because this is the show. We're all seven thirty in the morning. Earning look I don't understand why either of you have a problem. Just put your set your do not disturb the way you need it to be so that you can sleep when you wanNA sleep and leave. Your friends runs behind the hassle. I like I will not texting. That's all that's all but the most useful feature in the history of the fact that do it on a per read basis. Isn't it sometime. We don't you always have it on sleep. No I never have another sleep. I'm talking about. Do not disturb where you say. I have it like from eleven thirty to six. Don't don't give me any notifications of Tex right check on that. I'm not you're not worried. Here's my concern and the reason why I don't do that. You're not worried that the phone is GonNa Ring at three three in the morning and it's your parents and something's wrong I can wait. I have a similar not. That's why I don't think it's the way the the way that the iphone works is if you get a call from the same number that's in your context twice. It will ring true. Oh done deal I will now go to do not disturb. That seems like some research I have to because I don't know if it works absolutely does there's no question it works the same. INCLUDE TECH TECH experts. Sure sure as I ask you guys. Hey how do I reach facebook not to be a partisan tech jerk. But that's exactly the kind of thing that doesn't doesn't work the same way on android probably annoying but there's a million different dangles you can switch on and off. But you can't do that or or the the good thing about android is if I really wanted that that feature might be able to find something that would do it. But here's my question for you because so when I look at that thread that that text thread you know there's a little moon next to it which means that you are on. Do not disturb means yes. Don't you have a little next to no way when you when you met. The Elliott Hooker Garin Cochran. You don't have that move next to it moon buddy. But it's not from him. How do I get rid of that mood? I don't that means what moon moon either hits the. That's the logo for do not disturb right so I was under the impression that means that somebody on your does does not want to be disturbed on other. There are other friends whose names I will not reveal who work in show business and they have to put it on. Do not disturb it this time they still wanted. Then Kirk get the thank you say that it seems like maybe that happened because you texted once when I was on. Do not disturb and it never how do I get it off. What do I you do have no idea up to the top? I got INFO Do you have hide. Alerts is on. What would that be? Oh so you have it on sil- that makes more sense. Hey guys figured this out basis okay you definitely. Oh Elliott an apology. You also so weirdly enough. Tim could apology. Tim Apple Me Tim Apple and the ghost of jobs need to hear from me. And that's hysterical. I all Elliot Elliot. I can do nothing. But Oh you an apology. So that so you're never getting notifications from that thread or drum him just I would get him from Youtube and I thought it was as an iphone thing just his would never come through. That makes a Lotta Sense. Okay now I get why you're upset with them even though it's true that he sometimes doesn't doesn't respond till the next morning. I didn't understand why you're mad. This time I was not mad. This time it was it was an overall and I've only done the sort of two thirty three in the morning thing once and it was like in the last well. Well I just took you off during the disturbed. Don't start doing two thirty. I asked the question so that I would know not to do it. It was at that point. I don't think you should text anybody at that hour. I think you're right. I agree with you and the only why did it didn't email you but I mean if you need that person to send an email that happened to be up late because yeah worried about something or whatever ever. I think if anybody gets a text at three in the morning they immediately to think something's wrong you're in jail. Somebody's hurt something like that. I turn my phone off at night. Is that right. I mean and you mean you turn it all. I put on airplane mode at really. Do what time you start that eleven. Whenever I go to bed? Yeah eleven eleven thirty or do you have a land line in your house okay. Well that that's part of the reason. Why some if your family really need to get a hold of you they call your phone is on but my I turn it off? It's a better for the battery and all the riff that you know from the comedy world. I just don't need it to be on until I wake up in the morning. She actually now that I think about it that I started doing that more recently. Because I read that you shouldn't leave your phone charging overnight. It turns out the newest list version of has its own system for dealing with the problem that was addressing. So you can leave it in all overnight now but the point was it takes more Energy and it heats the battery up to get the last five percent of your battery charge saw and so you should not never like charging it to one. Hundred percent is actually degrading the life of the battery beyond what it would if you just only went to ninety five all the time so what I was doing was just leaving not charging overnight and then just plug in in the morning for putting on an airplane mode doesn't drain and then plug it in for twenty minutes in the morning and get back up to ninety five hundred dollars to interesting that I listened to that. It's very interesting that tolerated that had he said I would have kicked him in the ball. Sir I felt that as it was coming out of my mouth how incredibly boring how how unimportant it was but at least now everybody knows a little something about what I'm doing. Well what's interesting to me. Is that you take the time to do all that. But then you get a new phone every few years anyway anyway so in reality. I'm trying to push that I was doing that every two year thing but then then I did three years on my last one and then this one. I don't know I'd like to go as far as I can with for years before you knew phone. I don't know what if we're doing HOLOGRAMS I. I don't see you waiting. That's the thing. Part of the reason isn't why you can do that is that the innovation has slowed down. There's nothing that's true in the last five or six years. That was so killer that you'd be like guy need that. Now it was. It's just like that's what like this new one other than the fact that you know. It's a better camera. Yeah I'm sure there's some other things as well but I. I felt the same way. I don't need to rush out and get this new one. I had like like I felt the need in the past yes Perfectly fine with the Garin your thoughts. I kind of want to get the deal with this because I've been a little disappointed with this one. It's got some issue stu it you've got the ten the the first ten. Yeah our guest go out there. Danielle Candy gives her name. Please welker welcome. Welcome her in your name. Is Darren Cockerel you Mr. PARTOS assistant You know did Just a explaining where they were in the middle of the show That sort of thing we got a new seep that she would sit in. Some older guests may wonder if they'd be confused as to the placement of the seats She's refusing to come in. I guess she's refusing. Boy Is this. Is this the episode where we find out that she's filing for divorce she just can't do it. Stormed off off. She heard me talking about my phone not.

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Elliott Hooker Garin Cochran, Jack Sparrow, Jimmy Pardo discussed on Never Not Funny

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