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Hannitized will definitely have hand. Sanitizer are both distance social Type things but we will be there doing free oracle card. Pulse will also be afraid. Thirty dollar in person tarot. So you can book. If you're interested in that if your local milwaukee in malakian you can book us at calendar dot com slash money hundred dream slash tale reading and i will put that in the description link below. So yeah yeah. It's gonna be fun if you're you can do it if you wanna feel like a local milwaukee on just by terror reading from us and then you don't have to look while you have to look at her face but you don't have to like be as close because you don't have to be wearing pants. I mean i personally feel my toe raiders. I would notice if i'm wearing pants but well last week. We covered thanksgiving type of food and dreams and today if it is obvious we are talking about shopping dreams. So let's europe. I know you've been excited to do this. Once zulia i have a lot of my dreams take place in a mile. I don't know if that's because i was like tomar at and like the early two thousands or what. Those type of dream is near and dear to me. I mean i feel like malls. Were pretty big deal for our generation right literally. The first thing. I'm gonna do when it's like safe like officially safe to go out. Is i'm going to go to the mall. And i'm gonna go to anti an gonna get slow. I wonder i am not trying to make light of this will revive malls is it hasn't been already like make everyone wants to go back yourself. Some clear as peers. Oh don't get your ears pierced cleaners crowds. Don't do it twice though. Are they totally jacked up right upper ear. Can we get the needle. That's so much better. It's better for your better for you. Normally i would pick multiple sources to base my research off. But i decided around with this as my main source and also some of my personal knowledge of shopping in dreams..

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