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To look at the guys. That louise up against eric. Van roy and who before last week having recorded a top ten finish since palmetto in june in his mid six two six cuts. His last ten starts a brandon. Grace is the other one who missed the cut last week. At the northern trust in my opinion does not have a good enough ball to contend on this golf course He lost almost three shots off the to the field in his last two starts in lastly louis has to be saul schwartz. Who has missed the cut in his last two starts so a lot of confidence louis. Taking down South africans this week Very similar winning bat to the one. I made at the open championship on louis. So my best bet. This week is louie. You stays in. As the top south african finisher minus one twenty will love docker loves a A top south african bet. You know you made a you know mid a decent amount This year rocking with that one end for my best bet. I'm doing bryson top. Ten plus two hundred the fact that he can do it with justice driver alone. I think this course sets up a lot better than last week. Livery national where you got had guys You know pitch backwards for line out of these fairway bunkers. He's going to be able to get really close to a lot of us. Greens where the rough won't even matter because it seems like he's having you know fifty sixty yard pitches and stuff and Really a lot on the line this week from obviously Had a lot of crazy stuff happened this year to him. i saw. He got announced. As the i think obviously on purpose Twitter they did. Oh congrats brooks bryson on making the ryder cup. And they had a sandwich with jt in the middle. So i wonder if he's going to have to be a little bit of a the peacemaker that have the moderator. Yeah exactly but on bryson's coming in one thousand fedex cup and he really needs a good week obviously to position himself in atlanta even if he can finish top five year. You know starting your attempt. Laser starting You know you're starting seven shots back six shots back versus being in that third place. You're only certain you know two or three shots back so you know every shot matters kind of thing here and i just think i love taking bryce. I love bryson to actually win this week. We talked about that earlier at twenty eight to one. but then you know doubling down with top ten. Just giving us a little more wilbur room at plus two hundred that'll be the best bet. I hope rising keeps it keeps it consistent this week. He kind of goes top ten thirty first top ten Cut so hopefully gets back on track. There This week but that'll do it for our being championship preview on the golf preview podcasts on our jay bilas dream preview I'm will.

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