Calvin Klein, Calvin Klein., Professor Tiffany discussed on Rush Limbaugh


You seen the new Calvin Klein. black and white Billboard. for under where for obese people. I think if you see the Stacey Abrams was the model for this I think. no I'm just giving my goodness fox and now Calvin Klein know someone old no no some of the perfume company using a tranny the transgender star as the as the model isn't he knows Moses is is it any wonder that's where we have this this brilliant Emory professor Tiffany a young make and the question we can leave nonstop coverage what's happening with this hurricane is almost no mention of climate change the truth is that the storms that are hitting the Caribbean with this intense magnitude our historic unprecedented and these storms are man made storms when I was growing up in the Caribbean we would get really dangerous storms once a decade and now we're beginning to see them regularly the Virgin Islands was hit by two category five storms only two years ago while president trump indeed was our president this is such a shame this woman is a university professor and she still open. she gives the rent and dom hurricanes are not man made if they won't we gonna shut this down and we can put in jail who ever made. we can whoever made it for all of them but this is what they could but this woman is a university professor. and they are not the historic in magnet was Rory Spencer's point here so you thank you don't care about hurricanes you better because the the.

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