Excise Tax, Huggins, Jimbo Fisher discussed on The Morning News


With check on sports crackdown are background backgrounder wsb athletic department is not going to have to pay a twenty one percent excise tax on salaries of basketball coach huggins and football coach dana holger said it is all part of the tax reform vet was passed by congress earlier this week metronews talkline host hoppy kercheval spoke with wsl director shane lyons about the change more this morning in our background or a lot of money out there now and there's a lot of big money and and all our sympathy frankly with for coaches and make five and six and seven million dollars a year as his how it is now it's not a good question just kind of a statement of where i think things are but in a and i don't disagree with you i mean you know and again to coaches salaries in over coach huggins coach holger thin in all of our coaches for that matter in owed it the market in you know obviously we look at the market in and try to stay there but you do see from you know even from my feed you see some of these contracts of you know jimbo fisher it at texas anm in the seventy five million dollar contract in and you know the buyouts as some of these coaches did you know have in their contracts there is so i can see a point where the general public in congress and senator saying hey you know this this there is a lot of money uh that is associated with any cleats it out while they send you know with these tax breaks aren't going to be there any longer so that's the adjustments that we're going to have to make copy saint finally do you think that these tax changes lab any significant impact on either a.

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