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Which I get, you know, I looked up his catch and shoot and spot up numbers and they're not overwhelmingly good, but he's a really dynamic defensive prospect who, to me, is like kind of a Jeremy so hand light in this draft can guard multiple positions, averaged nearly two steals per game, so he's like a true defensive playmaker. Shot 36% from three last season, which is pretty good. I don't know if that's necessarily something that you can project as sustainable, but I think there's a reason for optimism there. There's kind of some shades of Herbert Jones to me with tardis because Herbert Jones coming out like the shooting and the offense. I think was the big question, but there is no doubt that he was a next level of defensive prospect. That's kind of in the same boat with tardy ease and so yeah, 28, I think he can return a lot of value as a defensive prospect and hope over time that his three point shot his shooting will eventually come around. At 29, grizzlies taking Christian Brown. Out of Kansas. 6 6 athlete, who shot a good percentage from three. I know it wasn't, you know, 45%, a little below 40, actually, but I think he's a capable shooter who's got nice size, 6 foot 6. It was great in transition. And just looks like a guy who is going to be able to guard multiple positions in the NBA and, you know, hit open jumpers, come off screens and knock down shots. Like, I'm a believer in these types of guys. To me, that's one of the real. Strengths of this draft is like 6 5 6 6 6 7 wings that are good enough athletes and good enough shooters to play meaningful roles in the NBA. And I put Christian Brown in that group. And if he is as good of a trash talker as norlander suggests, I can't wait for him to be quote tweeting John morant and aiming it at draymond green. I believe that was Boone that was attaching that to Christian Brown. Okay. There you go. I do wish she would do something about his name. That is not Brown. That's brawn. It's tough. It's just not Brown, all right? All right, well, listen. You can't just surprise you and pick them at this point then. There's a real grudge that seems to be developing. You can't spell your name a certain way and just decide. I think that's how it works actually. I think just a side, we're not going to pronounce it that way. Unless your name is spelled, KO, CK, BU RN. You mean you even God? Unless it's COC, BU RN, then you can pronounce that however you want. I give you a pass. If you want to call yourself coburn instead of cockburn, I totally get that. Nobody needs to go through life being called cockburn. But that's brawn. You can't just say, no, that spells Brown. If you're willing to say that spells Brown, what's to stop you from saying it spells yellow. At some point, his last name is kind of a finished product, which I might be out on at this point. Refuses to believe it's a finished product. He thinks he can make the change. Who was the football player? It was Steve. Joe's Joe thyssen was pronounced. These men and then he changed it to thighs man because it rhymed with Heisman. You know, where Joe theismann lives? Washington. No, right here in Memphis, Tennessee. Oh, really? Yeah. Thank you, Mary to Memphis girl. He's my neighbor, practically. We talked about the Kansas Jayhawks minimum. I mean, how many who knows how many episodes we do in a season? Three a week on average, 5 months. I mean, we talked about Kansas minimally like 30 times. Not once. Did Paris bring up this issue with Christian Brown. And here, you know, 54 hours before the guy is going to have his life changed forever and get drafted at some point. Brings out the knives. I guess I'm thankful you didn't bring this up in the middle of February. What if you my name was spelga and you were like, Gary Parrish, and I was like, oh, no, no, no, it's Gary pyrrhus. I'd respect it. Dude. It spelled Braun. Would you have an issue with Kyle bone? It's exactly a perfect one. Like, yeah, my name's Kyle bone. Your name's a cow bone. Get rid of one of those O's if you want to be Cal bone. Your cow boom. You can't put all those. You can not just decide your name is pronounced a way that it's so obviously isn't spelled. That's outrageous behavior. It's actually Bonet. It's French. My wife's maiden name is Rus. She's always gone by Rus. I'll give you a quick, totally off the subject story, but it's sort of the same thing. So all of a sudden was diagnosed with diabetes insipidus when he was a baby. Which sounds awful, but it's really not. He just drinks a lot of water and urinates a lot more than a normal person's diabetes, but yeah, whatever. The south, it's diabetes. In the south, you get diabetes. I was referencing the commercial. And it continue. Okay. So they say, well, this is either something that's caused possibly by a brain tumor. Oh no. Or it's genetic. And they were like, it's really big in the French Canadian communities. Like the research center is maybe in Montreal. I could be making some of this up. So they were like, we need to go through your family history. And so they're like, what's your name as a Gary Parrish? Father's name, go through all the grandparent stains, whatever. They go to my wife and they say, what's your name? And she said, Kelly Parrish, maiden name. Kelly roose, can you spell it? Rousseau? She's like, my dad's from Arkansas. We've always been the ruses, but and they were like, well, that's it. You have a French Canadian name, russet, and that's why your kid has diabetes insipidus. But she never even knew that because she pronounced it Rus her entire life..

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