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I feel like I remember this about you. Do you talk to people who don't have to recognize a lot. You must get it a lot. I mean you must i. I know it's not interesting to talk about. And it's not relatable to talk about this kind of stuff but I'm I'm always curious about it because you are a very I would say you're very normal. What is normal but rather we are going right yes it is okay then? I'm eating an almond but for the viewer. Yeah we don't we don't. I should've said that was not cameras. So feel free to put your clothes back on if you wish Russia no. It doesn't apologize for the almonds. I'm just having I I need something. He's he's hungry not thirsty wing wing which I wanna get into a term. I just heard I just learned. It's I heard it like a year ago I think. But you're on the forefront of the revolution in what context. Did you hear it. You did you start hearing people talk saint using. I don't know man. I think Wendi things entered the lexicon I know for instance hype Word Hype. Yeah I felt like that was being used the same way. It is now in the early nineties. I wasn't aware of it but I'm just saying I'm pretty sure it was. I mean I was a child but that's stuck around the other interesting thing is. When did they enter but also when did they leave the Term Bay? Yeah that's that's not really I haven't heard not that I have my finger on the pulse of how the fact that I hadn't I was shamed for not not knowing what thirsty was and that strikes me as something that may be gone soon is a real thirst trap here in the studio but but so pen was right around the corner. Funny I had. I had a very you moment. That's a hard shoulder reference. It is because it's such common Pronoun Jokes are they can be good. I say you the person the Star of you as I was entering this building and I I just saw the first episode because I was like. Oh I haven't a senior and I. I'm really into doing homework and I wanNA watch your work. I've always enjoyed your work on that basis alone. I thought I would enjoy it but I got. I see why it's so like to catch a train out here. I was like I want to. I'd be interested if you by the way no pressure whatsoever myself south watching it. Yeah I don't know that you can feel nothing when you watch you. GotTa you're you're GonNa feel oh absolutely going to feel one way about it and I just keep going or not well because it's such an interesting premise. I love the idea and the fact that you're playing it as this like very likable very charismatic. Into somebody who does. It's really nice things you have the story line with kid with pock. Oh and I think also the early first season By the way we should let people know they're probably spoilers all around I. Yeah I know I'm just contextualized. I'm you must know some of you know how it ends. No don't please don't tell me I won't aren't we. Should talk about about half see. It's going to be hard. I do want to talk about the second season because it's the second season just started and that's kind of why it's one of the reasons why you're here. I WanNa read something you said about your character on the show that was I thought so interesting. You said it says something about how much we're willing to be patient and forgive someone who inhabits a body that looks something like mine the color of my skin my gender these sorts of things these sorts of privileges and now having seen it that makes total sense. And I know your character who is very attractive to a lot of girls. My my brother's girlfriend among them Maggie. She's very thirsty for you. She's she you have yet to quench your there. A lot of. That's a great a point. Yeah who's quenching thirst. And can you use that. If you end up meeting a fan. WHO's thirsty longer thirsty? I want to see now like the the the the movement of those who are sated now for you even the even on a syllable sounds so not cool. I totally sated now by Penn.. It's interesting 'cause like I said your character does do these horrible things and okay spoiler alert you in the first steps you kill you. You severely beat somebody pretty clear. I'm going to kill him but I don't until the second episode. Great sorry you only saw the first year but you know where it's like. Yeah you know I know Lou. He's he's really talented in this. He's very good. I mean honestly. That's a hard roll to not make the like. I actually think that he helped to establish a foundation where the entire concept is elevated evaded and. I'm pretty sure the creators understand this this to Sarah Greg creators of the show. I feel like why they cast him is because we needed somebody in that particular role to not let the thing feel too much like it shares. I mean because it shares. DNA with shows like gossip girl. Obviously I mean you know he Will Your DNA's totally president right. And just I think the way it's conceived the sort of I mean you know increasingly I mean I personally watch even the most prestigious television vision. I'm like this is the soap opera. The construct is still yeah as much superficial changes. There's not actually that much still the formula whereas like you really don't I mean it's so so inventive and I'm glad you feel that way so good but it's still an this isn't even like any any this isn't at all discredits it messes with it. Does it takes the formula and actually leans into it to make you really think about the formula which is Meta I like I do too and you even reference formulas and that I. It's IT'S A weirdly self referential show I even made a joke recently with With Sarah Gamble the CO creator that by the third or fourth season will be making gossip girl jokes. Because it's I mean I don't think it'll be better but it does have some of that self referential pop up culture references and similar to even Dawson's Creek which Greg Berlanti did back in the day. I know I think he might have worked on dozens freak but the first first one that he is that I'm aware of Everwood. Oh okay yes but but it doesn't dialogue. That is very sometimes really tough for an actor to navigate because it's very wordy and it's often and I don't mean this as an insult because I do love it's not always how people speak what's exposition very very expert. You're you're having to explain totally things but but we're what works. I think so well with this. Is that that exposition is all on voice over. Yeah Yeah it's amazing it's all it's like where where I would ordinarily be having to explain my my thinking and actions. It's just all there in the voice over dude. Most days I go to work. I actually have very few lines that you hear that narration. You must know the narration beforehand. Obviously in the script normally record the voice is over before before we shot anything But that doesn't necessarily mean that I always remember exactly what I'm how I'm saying. Dude a lot of different ways. What's amazing kind of like you feel here? Probably in some way I go in there. There's no one directing me and I just do a couple episodes. It'll it'll be like a two or three hour session. I'll do as many episodes as I can do. A bunch of takes of every line just the way that I'm feeling it. And then they they cull through it and they somebody's sitting there taking notes editor and she's obviously kind of like she's definitely a creative partner in the process. Well Yeah but the directors are never there executive producer. This was over there. It's only ever this one person. Her name is Stephanie Johnson and an engineer and Frankly Stephanie is there is my sounding board and again she is a definitely a creative partner during this but for the most part no one says anything I just keep going keep going and then and then every now and then I'll ask like like I'm going for something. Can you hear like yeah. I think it's and then I'm sure after a few episodes you probably get sent. You probably have a very clear sense of what they're using them is. Yeah it's it strikes me just after hearing one that a lot of that narration. An takes they're using are probably in there very often chigney oil. I mean that's your delivery is very. It's all natural but it's none of it you you don't tip your hand at all. It's not like Patrick. Bateman right. Of course that does change actually. That's where like by the sixth episode. For instance there's one that episode. He's concussed and medicated. And almost the entire thing I'm silent once so in that episode. I follow. Follow my girlfriend now at this point. He's with her. Do you watch it is. She's so good. Elizabeth Lil great right so that episode became so extreme and in order to walk that line of extremity with Grayson nuance. I think that's where I personally suddenly started to develop the brand of Joe really because you're right in the beginning it is actually quite genial in a way where it is yeah. There are times where I picked up. There are other times where I really drop into this place very like extremely. It's it's different berry white and did Ya. Yeah he makes a lot of people thirsty wet so I appreciate the fact that it started because it really sucks people in your this very early like likable guy. Who's going through these? WHO's treating people with kindness in like seems to have compassion and a lot of ways? He's a great guy. Yeah I think he's never as likable is. He is in the first two episodes of the first season But you can understand why he falls into this. The only thing that was difficult to really embrace the murder well the murder you. You haven't gotten there. I know bracket I found myself really liking you and then shit happens The second season now the first episode is they're all out there. I mean that's Netflix. That's right so so this show at at what point was it like a hit because I remember all of a sudden. Just hearing about it Were you prepared for that at all. I know it started on lifetime. I I was told beforehand that there were people at Netflix. who were pretty confident? They could let the Showbiz hit You know if you think about. It's not making this show it hit. Netflix is the one in ways that they are such a They're not a leader there. They were a disruptor but now they seem to what they probably have dialed in more than any other streaming service is like the algorithms serves voters. Free how Dr You know. Yeah and what's so they so they apparently already had the data where they were like. Oh no this show is going to be hit like we like like we just. It's just not even a it's not a mystery or an art to us. It's a science. It's the table yeah exactly. It's math with gossip girl on Netflix. It was so they must've must've seemed from that that there's still a real right. They understand something about our psychology. I noticed that a few times. I follow Layton on instagram. And this I feel instagram's a new thing for both of us you got well. I got on it to support my band like five years ago. Yeah I remember talking about this at one hundred. It's surprised me that you I had one yet literally only got it for my band and to me. It was a few months before we refer to as black lives matter. There's there's a lot of ways you could try to find that movement. In that moment that time I was really moved by. What seemed like suddenly this this this way for all people actually actually to participate in this conversation totally and it and it seemed like a lot of young people and obviously a lot of exciting? There are a lot of black people. And so I I actually as a person who I don't know just always felt like the elephant in the room in media is just the inherent racism of everything you know and so to be honest. I loved that that strange synergy of that moment. Where I widen valuable and I and I was actually quite outspoken? Probably far too much because I found myself being invested in exhausted in a way that wasn't healthy but I I didn't know what else to do in that moment in time. My timeline happens to be you from a place that designates black twitter I mean you know it is referred to as that and it's like you know. What do you mean twitter? Have you not heard that. No no no I figured out thirsty. No I mean and so I don't even You know I mean maybe it's not my place to say but I don't think you should even feel uncomfortable about. It is very much so the so what's interesting is that the African American community is is disproportionately I wouldn't WanNa say over represented but the representation on social social media is proportionately larger for the African American community than any other. As far as I'm aware and and and you know it's pretty safe to say that we recognize Nice. How that community is the driver of culture in America and therefore thereby the world more or less like music look at just just a lot of things so so? My timeline is populated mostly by figures who were brilliantly speaking to the matters at hand at the time so a lot of of people who who are black. Yeah who are. LGBTQ A. Plus all these these identifying factors so twitter was the first time I feel like as an adult it was kind of like the progression of the daily show because I was a teenager during the during the the sort of is like peak golden age and the new show during the Bush Years John Stewart And I shouldn't call it the golden years but it had an entirely new life now right right I mean it is like a different show.

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