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Yes. And they're like, oh, no. They have some weird backstroke. Yeah. Right. You're next door to a mental health. So it's like the cute names for comedy clubs that reference mental rights. Right. Ben. Yeah. Yeah. Graduated twenty three kids and only only five boys, and I still couldn't make varsity basketball. Sat back. And we were all white which made it staying a little more. You you're bad at basketball. Hall white team voice in your class. Wow. Now, you mentioned your mom, kind of joy overly safety conscious. Which would be me. What about your dad was? I don't know how they. I guess they got together because a Reagan's the dating pool is pretty small any given time. There's three people in your age range that are single because he he couldn't be more opposites like like my dad, my parents split when I was like, I think seven seven eight I in third grade. And when I time he came to visit me he he'd like a male bonding and play the game with me. I don't know if you guys his dad's play this game with you. What you do is you stand with your feet wider than shoulder with the parts and you face another person with their feet the same distance apart and you each have a hunting knife. And you throw the night he try and stick it in the ground between their legs. Yeah. Sure. And then yeah, it's called chicken the first person. Who's like, hey, I don't want to get a knife in my Foot's chicken loses from like, really eight. Let's play that like what other popular children's games Russian roulette. He was like safety was not. Yeah. Not an issue. My dad is like a mountain, man. He's he's one of those people who was born in the wrong era like he'd be great in the eighteenth century because he has great skills. You can build things with his hands construction worker logger he can solve disagreements with his fists like he has no twenty-first-century skill. So he can't no Email. No Facebook Twitter like I would love him to take career aptitude tests just to blow counselors mind. We got the results Mr Collins and appears your best suited for further trapper. Indian scouts gunslinger. So so many. Yeah. It's a sad fact up outside of Reagan's was my dad he lived in Pinehurst, ten miles intercity town loaded handgun in every different room in the house. Yeah. Just in case, Justin. Just in case. Just in case of what you live ten miles outside of town of four hundred people were there hasn't been a violent crime since nineteen never. And now somebody does break in and they're not armed. They're going to be by the time. You are. I think that's what he wanted us to show. Burglar breaks into get a VCR. My dad sitting there at three o'clock in the morning way to spread and expectancy middle-aged man this couch, four o'clock in the morning. Did you drinking coffee hold the court Forty-five, Greg thirty eight special in the finding nemo case? Waiting for seventeen years. Dan comments is our guest. Now, this may sound a little bit odd. But I used to play that game. All the time. Are you serious? Yeah. We didn't call mumbling pig, and you just throw your hands Mr. safety guys would face off you take a knife. And you throw each other's. I absolutely ridiculous. Did you guys ever stab yourself in the foot? No, no, no. I did. I just I just did cut. My knuckle off had to go to the hospital the one time for the stitch got your knuckle off. Now did your dad. Beck on. Yeah. Little game. I was playing monthly pay. That was your monthly pay accident. I never told you guys that at all. When did you become so safety conscious doing things like cutting, my knuckleball, breaking the Jesus on my arm? You know, this sort of falling off motorcycles these things that they they start adding up after awhile. You start going? Maybe I better be more careful. Dan, Cummins is very handsome young, man. But you you mentioned that you mentioned that it's interesting to hear from a town that small, and, but you want you went off to college to Gonzaga tried to college. What did you what did you study psychology? I was going to become a counselor. Really? I actually and this actually did I got low level experience time for you to jump off a.

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