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Lemay Hugh tonight day to day with a swollen knee and no GIO or shallow tonight day to day with a sore hand sees the bath the versus Grinky Sobat free strikeouts away from three thousand seven on the fan at nine o'clock. First place raise rained out tonight in Kansas City. The Red Sox are leading the eighth four nothing. In Boston in the bottom of the fifth. Garrett Cole is matched up against the former Yankee Michael Pineda tonight. Top of the fourth Astros lead Pineda's twins one to nothing. Orioles. White Sox rain down tonight in Chicago interleague Tigers lead the Phillies three to one in the fourth. The Indians have six four lead on the Marlins into fifth top to piracy and Rangers. No score National League. Dash those trailed the cardinals three to bottom five in the bottom of the fourth the Padres and Braves are tied at two four. Rockies. Brewers are scoreless NBA play-offs the Celtics on the road. Try to take a two oh series lead on Milwaukee. Boston late thirty six thirty two with die fourteen to go in the first half Stanley Cup playoffs at his Columbus. And Boston right now in Columbus is a game three series title. One blue jackets with forty seconds to go in the second period lead the Bruins to nothing. This report is brought to you by the break. Tina off. Uh-huh. Group test drive. The new twenty nineteen mini Cooper club. Been at many of them and many of Westchester WFAN. Twenty twenty sports the Yankees road trip continues tonight in Arizona as the bombers opened up a short to game interleague series with a Diamondbacks..

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