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Promo code Atlas. You have also in action this weekend, the welterweight prospect and one of the one of the two or three fighters keeping golden boy alive Virgil Ortiz gets the 9th round stoppage over Michael mckinson, you know, entertaining fight both undefeated guys coming in looking to prove something. I think the main takeaway for me at least when I watch Virgil Ortiz who I love, I think he's got all the potential in the world. I don't see based on that performance. I can't see him seriously challenging the likes of a bud Crawford or even someone like a boots Ennis. Maybe I'm wrong, but I'm dying to hear your take on this 'cause I really like Virgil Ortiz, but if this guy McKinsey had any punch in power, I think he could have hit him a few times and done some damage, but like I say Virgil eventually warmed down, laid some beautiful uppercuts and body work on him eventually 9th round. I think the corner stopped it in the 9th, after having it after having McKinsey down in the 8th. How'd you like it and would you think about Ortiz's performance? Do you think he's ready for that next level? I like goat cheese. The only 24 years old. I like them a lot. I like them we have to fight the way dogs himself the way he talks. He saw articulates a gentleman. He's humble. I like the way he fights. I like the way he's developing. That's the key word to your point, developing. Let him continue developing. He's young, and he's let him keep growing. Let him keep getting better. Keep him away from Crawford. Keep him away from those guys you just mentioned. There's no need to go there right now. And listen, it's no knock on them. Those are special guys you just mentioned. You know, we still got to find out about boots and as he still has to be tested at that next level, but he looks pretty damn good. But qualified doesn't have to be tested. We know what he is, and we know what spencers. So keep them away from those guys. And again, it's no knock on them. Those guys are special. Those guys are fine. That would be like back in the 80s saying, keep someone away from Sugar Ray Leonard or Tommy urns while Roberto Duran. No, not condom. Those guys are special. Keep them away. They're not ready yet. And today I'll say this about our tea is just for those who may not know. He's 19 and O with 19 knockouts, but more importantly, his progressing nicely in terms of the step ups, he beat Maurice, he stopped Maurice hooker, then he stopped calva lacus, the mean machine, I believe they call him, and now he's got Michael McKinsey who was undefeated when he beat no, that's not me mission cave lakis was 21 and 21 zero and one when he stopped them. So he seems to be progressing nicely, but like you said, he's still young and you probably need some more seasoning before he gets to that top level. Although he's such a nice kid in such a tough guy, I'm sure if they offer him the fight he'd jump right in there, but from a promoter standpoint, you may want him to have a little more seasonal listen. As you have, there's no way that the Hoya is jumping into that. First of all, he's not really completely stupid especially when he's sober. But you know, the la Jolla only adds him and Ryan Garcia rally. I mean, without them, he's out of business basically. So there's no way. There's no way he's feeding them to the lions. Let's leave it at that. So that ain't happening. Now as far as this fight, Mackenzie, you know, he had no power exists outpour, which could be tricky. And it was very gutsy. No doubt about that. But you know, he was a cutie. He was a slick cutie with no power, and but the steady pressure body work of Ortiz finally broke them. Broke them down, Mackenzie tried to try to fight with them, which I thought was kind of not the smartest thing to do with a guy who's just better in that area and stronger in that area. But he did try to fight with Ortiz, but Ortiz was too strong. That he tried to use his legs and Ortiz did the right thing. Would you want to see in a small fighter devolving phyto fugit champion maybe? Ortiz took the air out of his tires with the bodywork. At the end of the day, it was a workman like job by Otis getting it all done. And as I said, you know, give him away from give him away from those monsters right now, you know? Like they have that thing on the pack of cigarettes. Where it says smoke and these could be dangerous to your health. The Surgeon General says to stay away from cigarettes. They can be dangerous to you. Right now, I'm not the Surgeon General. But teddy Atlas and Ken write out on the fight are giving you a little bit of advice you probably already know because you have smart people which stay away from those guys. Don't let your eagle get involved. Stay away from those guys. Give yourself more time to develop. Great advice. And we'll just keep rocking through these because we've got a ton of stuff to coverage for relatively quiet weekend. There were some notable action in terms of at least in terms of the UFC and some of the developments going on in boxing. But with that being said, let's talk about next week. Tia femo Lopez back in action after suffering the loss to judge Cambodia's lost all his belts had to be a big blow for Tia fema very proud guy. They loved being the unified champ. They took it from Vasily le machinko and they didn't miss a PR opportunity to get pictures taken with all those belts. And hey, they earned them. They deserved it, but the point is suffering a loss when you're riding high like that, especially when you've just won all the belts. A lot of people argue, like, to be the champ, you really have to defend the title once, or you know, to kind of solidify your position, at least. And tough loss for Tia fema, especially then, you know, George loses all the belts to Devin Haney is next time out. Nevertheless, we've got Tia fema back in. He's in with Pedro campa, a guy honestly I didn't know him too much about his 34 and one. He's got 23 knockouts, but the one thing that sticks out to me and he's got to draw. The one thing that sticks out to me, teddy is look, there's no problem with fighting in Mexico. They have some scraps down there as everyone knows, but this guy is in 34 fights. He's had one fight in the U.S. and you know it's hard to read into someone's record when all the fights are in one particular foreign country. You know, reporting of the results, et cetera, et cetera, aren't always completely accurate. Nevertheless, looks to be a bounce back fight for Tia fema. I'd be surprised if they'd even use a guy like camper as aspiring partner, had they won that fight against Cambodia. But nevertheless, it's on Saturday night. What are you looking for in this one? I'll go down to road a little more you did a good job going down there. I'll go down like I used to go down the road when I was corner fights and I wanted to give the fans every bit of information they could get to to handicap the fight before I even quoted and to have an idea of what was going to happen as you said he's 34 we're talking about camper Pedro campa. He 34 one and one 30 Pedro campus 30 years old. Yeah, 34 one and one. Yeah, then the I didn't say he's 34 years old. He's 30 four. Oh, sorry. You said 34. I'm sorry. I thought you said his age. Sorry. You're right. 34 one, 30 year old guy. Can you hear good? You all right, those things work. All right. 34 one O one. He's been knocked out in his one and only loss. And he was knocked out in that one loss to fighter who had a record at the time of 11 wins 8 losses and one draw. So that tells a little bit of the story right there. That's a great Carlos Jimenez. Yeah, now listen, it doesn't mean that a guy with a bad record can't be a steady, good solid guy, of course that doesn't mean that it doesn't. Because a lot of times they say, oh, they're experienced guys that just woman managed well and they fought everybody in their hometown. They got some bad decisions, whatever. But it's the right guy. You're on the right track. We're on the right track.

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