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Don't fucking call owned four and a half feet of freaking me out right throws everybody says I have. It's riots right no matter when I call your own my God. I can't believe my choked on something. I'm not talking on anything. Say because choke to myself why I don't know try throat guys. Got Your Life fucking throw it all of a sudden. I do Green Green here. Bro. Call or in the food. Guide CAST TO GUESS NEXT WEEK WE DO. Fuga Mortimer and friends love bring another Mike. See who we could get and then we'll call bring Connie over there by the way so I'm a real dog person and I think it's time for me to get a dog. I don't know what you guys think out there. It's I I need a dog broad. Just don't know how I'm GonNa Pick Shit three times a day. You'RE NOT GONNA have to walk them three times a day. You'RE GONNA take him on the airplanes the vomit. It's torture Piss. They're amazing by the home sock. It's just so hard especially you travel all the time it's impossible catchy leave The litterbox hanging is to catch eating himself out. Right let him alone. I don't WanNa see finish your shit. Ben It's fine. Go THE TASTE. Good looking at one hundred hundred cats like they scare me because they could at any minute they could like just attack he comes course goes cats are going my God. I went crawling over. So it's my dilemma. Whether she got a dog or not. Yeah I think dogs are great but the hard to keep up you gotTa Walk. Him three times a day. Feed them clean up after them is food guy going to pick up shit in a bag every morning. I don't think so I don't think so either. I don't think I could ever do that. Guess Small Enough Dog poop on the wee wee pads. Are you gonNA lay down Your House? Mellon dirty really get messy. You ever corner. Dog Shits all day poops all day. No Way Bro. I think I reject the dog field while reject. I don't know what to do anyway now. It's time to call our guest Bro. One of the biggest music managers in the whole freaking game. You manages one of my favorite favorite favorite artist. Post Malone dre. London is going to be with us today on the podcast. First of all one ask them about that whole thing that posted about that million dollars she raised. Nirvana doing it at the right time. Not Too early not too late. It was perfect post vibe. I want to ask him about him working with Tiga because that's a new new things that have been coming out and I want to ask him. What a guy like that does during quarantine because he's nuts like me. We can't sit still. We see each other constantly. Traveling very excited my guy. That's.

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