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Currently distracted driving including texting making calls or surfing the internet while driving all considered secondary offenses for drivers over eighteen to one wants to upgrade those two primary offenses an investigation is under way into a deadly garage collapse in reading police say a seventy one year old man was killed yesterday when the structure fell on top of him along third street the man's daughter telling officers he was trying to fix the garage after it was recently struck by a car the northern Kentucky man found out his fate yesterday after causing an accident that killed his wife the Kenton county Commonwealth's attorney says Yakama Buckley of independence had a lot on board he was under the influence of stuff like fennel opiates and cocaine when the recce because killed his wife crystal and an injured a couple of other people the forty year old independence man has pleaded guilty to the rack in Taylor bill last June Buckley's Cadillac across the grass median on pride parkway and was T. boned by an S. U. V. caring a couple of kids when Buckley sentences coming may the prosecutor recommends he do fifteen years in prison I'm Matt Rees newsradio seven hundred WLW college basketball last night another come from behind win for the UC bear cats they beat Memphis in overtime to fifth third arena ninety two eighty six trace got led the way for you see with twenty five points and nineteen rebounds the forecast is up next Hey it's my McConnell here for the blooming garden center and it's time to start thinking about lawn care yeah already George W. worry but Danny McEwan first created this back in two thousand seven and it really has created and maintained the best looking ones in the tri state now is when you get busy on it you see a.

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