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No dining after 6 closing some venues including bars and gyms Bloomberg's Steven engel in Hong Kong says is that this is to align basically with China zero policies You know Hong Kong's in a bit of a pickle because on a global scale Hong Kong's in pretty safe position We did not really have much of a delta outbreak here and because of course Hong Kong has been adopting this COVID zero approach a similar to China But on the flip side of that it has a very low vaccination rate compared to other developed economies about 62% And Steven also says as well sinovac vaccine is not proven as effective against the omicron variants So they're very worried about cases going up Meanwhile Hong Kong has now stopping flights in from 8 countries for the next two weeks at least Australia Canada France India Pakistan Philippines UK and U.S. Meanwhile Australian prime minister Scott Morrison has held a news conference addressing a number of things this morning Now we're going to have Dan with a details on novik Djokovic in just a moment But the prime minister has said it's not about one person It is that no person can come into the country with a proof of full vaccination It is a matter of rules As I say Dan will have more meanwhile Morrison has said the signing of a treaty with Japan today is major The landmark treaty that we will commit to today the reciprocal axis agreement as it is known will usher in a new chapter in advanced defense cooperation between Australia and Japan to deal with I knew and even more challenging environment particularly within the indo Pacific And Morrison also saying that price gouging on COVID tests will not be tolerated These are the same price gouging provisions that we put in place earlier in the pandemic for things like hoarding and supplying at price gouging rights personal protection equipment and things of that nature I says more than a 20% markup can be met with fines and even criminal charges In the U.S. case rate is going straight up CDC director doctor Rochelle Walensky says home a crime Based on CDC genomic sequencing we now estimate that oma crown represents about 95% of cases in the country and delta represents the remaining 5% of the cases CDC also gone ahead with Pfizer boosters for 12 to 17 year olds and North Korea is now saying the projectile that was fired off yesterday that we reported to you was hypersonic The north says it flew about 700 kilometers and accurately hit the target In San Francisco I met Baxter Let me target mister Kushner here Did I get you You did indeed Thanks Ed Let's get to Dan Schwartzman so we can target global sports A den Dan Novak Djokovic denied entry into Australia What does it mean for the open Well first it means it's an international incident.

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