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Hey you know as a fan of pete in the rural white will we face of comment in a row with every week republika got them noda we hear that your feet hello there are now should i say and i mean what fa what they did it why did they get buca i mean let me get it right there the democrats have bad luck but say it when we go and get democratic well in new democrat we've got a bit quiet we we oh no you can read we grew good kerber the bill would leave out europe right i blame either stay in may and on that people we the goal remember it'll show annual you'll show eight whoa on the way we or if i were here oh no you've got the white out wait wait carved out of us no no no we have a right to be angry we have a right to be mad they failed us we didn't fail them they've had plenty of time now i'm sick of theirs excuses some tired of and so the american people it's time to get their act together and get their jr job dawn that's what it's time for them do it's time for them to go to work instead of digging vacations big time aj love you you the best joe in eligible a in georgia i've known joe he's been call on my program since 1992 our you big joe gone your great near the best taxpayer camping in the country shot i am it's been a there in washington mm buries a fiveman but i think it's time for him the go part of being a leader issue buying people gather and get him to get them to accomplish the healthcare reform the tax reform and he not done it though i think we need them morley some new leaders and the senate and maybe even in with thirdly and offended off by macau's men their long enough what you fight i think it's time to get the job done or go get the job done or leave and get somebody in place beck and get the job done that's what i say let's that's really that lymph nodes nominee more complicated than that all right big time joe analogy thank you.

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