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Rolled out a mode of ben roethlisberger joe flaco who dominated the division over the course of the last decade but you know going could tie rod taylor whose flight and six what one leads me to believe that they could have interest in baker mayfield um you know i don't think there's a definitive best quarterback in this class yet i don't think anybody knows i think donald is the consensus guy still um but there are people who are smart in the nfl who will tell you the baker mayfield is the best prospect in this class and i'm starting to wonder if the browns agree with that and then again cleveland still as five of the top sixty five pigs in next month's draft will hear from rounds espn nfl nation reporter pat mcmanaman's later in the show from college basketball providence looking for a third win verse top five team this season who would be the most such wins of any team in the country and but they were down to third ranked xavier by seventeen in the big eased turning in the first half and by fourteen at the break jackson off the clobbered with you come back love for cartwright the gyalo ever the posting of woah puts it up the rows away phil perry while we get it up post up he's like a six foot ten post player briers get the lead at seventy one seventy two while deploying over time near they fight back get the lead eat old t alpha diallo the goahead jumper with just over two to play in that extra session keren cartwright at a clutch bucket with about a minute to go as the friars pulled off the stunner banner inbound from crime good record low of a born curry get them all backwards to work warm well you're worn away those awesome down seven three the back in one all that was unbelievable what ferruginous parties should have been walking john indeed they did providence frier sports network they pull off the upset of the day knocking off the nation's number three teen five seventy two over is eager rodney bullock and yellow each would seventeen cartwright with fifteen both also blocked the game winning layup attempt by j p macur at.

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