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Can keep more of what you may coming up later a really fantastic story in a reverse hardcore age about a boss pulling money out of his own pocket so long time worker could retire welfare yeah and it's really the touch me and coming up later free college there's been a promise by some candidates on the campaign trail but there's actually ways people are getting free college and they're not costing taxpayers a penny I'm gonna tell you how it works so there's to a survey that was done by TD Ameritrade they found that very large numbers of Americans are not intending to be able to retire ever the people in there forties and fifties in huge numbers roughly close to half expect to work so their deceased or until they can't get up in the morning and there's been a lot of reaction from people who are really upset saying in Chad either way ms how am I ever going to advance if you're still working well this is crazy and it's why economics is such a strange profession but there's a massive societal advantage maybe not to you personally if you haven't save for retirement and you have to keep working but there's a massive advantage for American society if people do keep working because we have a big math problem we have an aging population and we're if you look at historical numbers we don't have enough people to do all the work moving forward which is a Roddick if you think about their van many times in the past where the big problem was people couldn't find work and today we're in a period where for companies to find workers and we think that's a temporary thing and yeah there are you know there's recessions that come and go and then employment becomes more difficult but the trend lines moving forward is this big need for workers we as a country have not been able to reach a consensus on having emigrants fill jobs in the United States so if we don't have the immigrants we're gonna have to fill and so people who because they have not been able to save money and they reach age fifty and they're like groups after work and work and work and work that will even though you might not quite get yourself it's great for the country and they'll be plenty of opportunity to go around for all of us as Americans in this era of labor shortage that we're facing you're also going to see a lot more automation come into the workplace as Hey I artificial intelligence gets totally more sophisticated and we deal with labor shortages in so many job categories Jeff joins us.

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