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Would say every time they where you were right and he also he also bring something to the table pete i mean you're right there's a lot wrong with that everything you just described the ninety nothing you decide was wrong either but he still he still can provide something here that obviously i know you're sorted but you've got you have you you've got you want you guys play in my opinion immediate another you gotta get you gotta get a big batstone where i really don't drink i don't know who quit home a third oh yeah but you're a you're phones cutting out so i'm gonna let you go but thanks for the call hanley ramirez has like if he was on the market right now let me put it this way if hanley didn't play for the red sox if he played for the if he was back with the dodgers or something like that and the dodgers were good and they were just you know would floundering deal it's in the diocese unlike the padres okay or some dinner on the giants a team that's out of it and they put him on the trade bloc and the red sox had the same same order shame everything in say a guy with the hanley's numbers a guy who's it to fifty three with fifteen home runs a dh and you know everything was the same in hanley ramirez in his current it array what he is right now is on the was on the trademark would you want the red sox to go after him i would i definitely would um i wouldn't feel great about it just like i wouldn't have felt great about todd razor in his 200 seven batting average but if hanley ramirez was on the trade bloc from another team and the red sox had some other guy with his numbers in the in the dh biden hanley was what he was somewhere else sure yeah go out and get him if you could add another guy with the ceiling of hanley ramirez to this line of right now you do it and some say that's frazier but you know hanley's having a better your entire regime.

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