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Kinda thing which we all kind of gloss over and we talk about these eras like you were talking about the you know. Obama trump biden era. You know you know like these are completely different. People that all this but we kind of it with our lens. We're kind of just put them all down as one thing but imagine four different emperors in a year and when spacey and takes over and i'm going back a little bit but this is the part that i know it's a military thing right. His soldiers kind of promote him because in the streets of rome. There's basically these different legions fighting over. Who is gonna control. Who's going to take power. So what have they learned about particularly. You know the ninth legion are there. Are these kind of breakaway. Kinda do it our own way. Kinda guy says it fit does what you're suggesting. Fit their personality. One point on the spacing the reason soldiers so loyal to him because he was able to pay them. You know a lot of times. These guys don't get paid all got the temple treasures. he can start handing out bonuses. And everyone's like yeah. Yeah okay so that makes sense right. You'd fall the money. Okay as far as the ninth lead and goes up the ninth. Legion had been stationed in in england for a couple generations. I don't know the number of decade many decades and so many of them were were english in a sense. They spoke welsh they they. They had an english cultural attributes and whatnot and so when they go off to the middle east to put down the rebellion. They have no interest in staying there. They probably have no real ties. Rome without point they'd been generations worth of them had married local women in england. Kids have been raised. Maybe david raise england so they're already inclined to go back and not stay in the mediterranean area because they're basically english and what we find when we get some america The in in the ohio river valley not just roman stuff. We find Artifacts with welsh writing on so and welsh armor wealth skeleton. So we find a lot of stuff that ties back to england. Because that's the ninth. Legion was based and a lot of their cultural attributes. Were english or welsh and so that again that part of the story ties together when it goes back to your question. Which is the ninth legion. You've know they're quote unquote roman doesn't mean they're italian. It just means they're part of some sombrely. That was the roman empire which essentially compass most all of europe and middle east africa africa. It's used so to be roman back then..

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