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Perfect style with next to normal that's great okay what are you guys don't call me oh great okay some of not happy his problem that's my new that's my new mantra actually i'd dopp that mantra from time to time and i want you guys to do a two when someone has a problem and they're like being it's so great to say their problem not mine in a let it be there's passive grants the crawl anyway their problem gosh i'm still burping things up from a thanksgiving i don't know about you it's already tuesday my body is all messed up yeah i've and i get these pimples worthies zips coming from the i you know what i really think it's actually the change in weather the talk about as broke out last week i think it's like going from kind of warm weather to really cold blistering wins and then back again and then you go into buildings that are overheated back out into the coal back into sweaty buildings i think your skin just doesn't know quite what to do yesterday i went out to take a walk in i i wore my new target cardigan your colleague kagame called it a target again i'm gonna tell you it was it was on sale i forget the brand name is great name this was it possible for target no i think to i think most him owes leaving targeted you hear that syria i'll bring that named mark but i just i got so many compliments off that tart target you're targeting yeah absolutely closed there i'm telling you i bought fifteen sweatshirt.

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