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We chose to highlight with this down here hey by the way i think this is important i've been spending a lot of time doing dividend analysis since the tax tax changes then escape you substantial thirty percent dividend boosting noone thought that was going to happen that's very good sign here's the bottom line just because the average is run that doesn't mean every stock has come up too far too fast and you should just stop thinking that maybe there's something worth buying the charts is interpreted by bob marino show us that there are plenty of laggard companies ready to play catch up here it just got a dig for them stick with crazy time and then are you ready kid with allen in texas allen drawer you do a war know about a flying for curiel my carry dickerson so great and so's martin answers at lam research i'm going to say that it's okay to buy here but i can't pound the table let's go to norman in maryland norman hey jim was your phone more food all right well i got home base with what you barberry what was the stock oh h k is breaking out here which means you get a chance to so don't feel chesapeake i need richard in florida richer i from miami on your way what's going on thinking what are your thoughts on shots fodder and a gunfight learning system to police upon the country this one i am quite frankly not familiar with got to come back on a bit of a homework at acid mike at new york my.

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