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Be juicy? Oh they're not just going to be some. Add mandate actually why everything goes Kinda Rushden. Why was mercury the way that it should have been marketing? Stuff me if you listen to the way some of the creators and talked about how projects and things that were in development and being worked on before the buyout After that Hal things were changed a might mandates were put on. It makes sense because I felt like you know yes. This continuity started from the new fifty two and then they carried out. S- overtime. They kind of drop some of that They were holding too tightly to the new fifty two. They were kind of adjusting. It making their own doing a story lines and then they were kind of entering the rebirth. It more towards what the rebirth reborn storylines were. And they were kind of expanding. Because they know they did storylines like death of Superman. Hush Judas Contract In this continuity and then all of a sudden here we are boom pockets. It's over yeah I was I was. I don't know if I'm disappointed that we didn't get a two part Batman nightfall thing but maybe in a different continuity maybe zone continuity actually off the villains in. Its own little bubble. That's what I was wondering if what I was wonder. If they're going to keep Batman all that data tracking universe got spread 'em out but constitutes actually was star. I love the voice. Go go only card now wing letting I do love that he is and my thing was i. I wish I would have gotten another justice league dark spell and this before this. Yeah this just been like. It wasn't like it constitute the main character. I don't care about that but it just been like Justice League apocalypse war and kind of had built a lot more to this we would have gotten a proper justice league dark sequel and then this movie because yes. Constantine's the main character is like built around him. Abbey what yeah I. That was weird I was gonna say just like them. Marketing it as Justice League dark because it's constant team but it's like y'all brave in was also part of this you know so there's your team to do yes has pay those imagine they really screw rating those other tight moved out of why they marketed it as justice like dark. If you know Raven was.

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