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H. i. c. l. e. t. s. as soon now he likes to welcome in other recurring guests, the show, longtime. Any gel, Eric Nystrom has joined the show. Eric man's been awhile since we talked to you what he'd been up to lately our in Michigan to started grad school this past week, just had a kid the same week. So you say, I'm cleaning shit, diapers and doing a lot of reading, oh shit. That's a double whammy. Man. Taking classes, university of Michigan. So I'm a bear only only bald guy in the classroom. I'm, you know, hanging out with the freshman going to the frat party tech fans anyway. Are you in business school? I'm doing a sports management of master. So it's a school at. You know? Yeah. So got an opportunity to do the one year program, two semesters, fifteen credits each semester. So it's just basically get in the corner, kick it around for a year and get good, hey, you knew how to do that now you could kick it around in the corner any. That's that's why I didn't say like, you know, go told you can put one chatter, 'cause I definitely never did that. So you so you graduated your first time round in call? Not many guys, go off for years and then going to have an end to being a first rounder, right? Yeah, no, yeah. So this is that I'm going for my second degree. I really had no clue why. But you know, it was just an opportunity that was presented to me that couldn't really pass up, but you know, my mask skills are after having about nine thousand questions, they're fairly limited. Ace. So have you have you using hemp CBD product at all? The drops. I got. I got some pills and I got some like CD lotion. But I mean, what's the point of CV man on that? Just had you know what I mean? Well, no. I mean, yeah, they both work. I mean, I just do them both. It's stupid stigma full into foolish drug test and they give people, it's it's absolutely foolish. They still do that stuff. That is getting like for like head, Tom, I know that I see that Riley coach pay on linked in quite a bit. It's like a big advocate for the CBD and concussion research. So why not? Right. I've been taken the drops for the mental aspect of it. They have been unbelievable if I don't take them for a couple of days. I was in Chicago and I couldn't. I notice a huge difference. My mental clarity and the reason I say that because you've had nine concussions and like, I wasn't sure if you're on it. I don't know if the stuff for the bomb would help you help you much. They'll put it on your temple at made nine nine might be a strict and I was just throwing out like a high number, but will you Will let. you let put a lawsuit theater towards the NHL. Yeah, you know, it's on the record now. So I ninety. All right. What did you think of Las Vegas run all the way to the Cup final this year. I mean, I'm sure you're caught by surprise like pretty much everybody else went included. Here's I always say when somebody says that to me is that I mean, it's not one thousand nine hundred seventy two anymore, but that's in the league is so I mean the parody from top to bottom and every organization. There's so many good players. So you Vegas is sitting there in the expansion draft. Looking at taps like, okay, this team can only protect this player or this player. So we're going to take back that. I mean, of course, having like the chemistry coming together at that part is very impressive. But like kind of heralded players get goalie and unheralded guys kind of under the radar who are great hockey players. And I mean, it couldn't have been better Cinderella story just in regards to like how he started with the shooting and bagels, and the way the city rallied around those guys wanna run. So like I mean, it's going to be different this year, your urine school, but how much hockey will you watch now you had? They do throw on. And each aisle network, do you watch games live like what? What's your hockey and take gonna be this year you think or since you retired. Minimal, very minimal, man..

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