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The presidential race will be over soon the race for Queens. Borough President that is I'm jared Murphy from city limits Dot Org and this is Ben Max from Gothenburg's edge. Good to see how you doing. I'm doing well good. You're sounding better and that's good. I'm doing I'm doing mildly better But I'm excited about both a lot of things happening in the political world the presidential race the US presidential race the primary for the Democratic nomination and then of course the subject for a good chunk of today's show which will be the race for Queens. Borough president a special election. Now if you're listening and you live in Queens this is especially pertinent to you and we'll be dedicating a good chunk of the show today to the Special Election. Mcqueen's borough president. Early voting starts this Saturday and election. Day Is March twenty. Four th so. It's upon us if you don't live in. Queens this is also important to you first of all. We have a little bit of the show. The top hero on other matters. But also the Queens borough president you know borough presidencies are important positions in certain ways. We'll get into that later. They're largely ceremonial and other ways. But they're also they've been springboards. David Dinkins was Manhattan Borough President and became mayor You know we've seen other people send their Morton positions. They have influence around the city. So this is not just a show for Queens residents but especially for Queens Certainly if queens were an independent city it would be. I think the fifth largest in the country it's bigger than Houston with two point three million people or so and one of the things that we see a lot in our reporting city limits and you had gotten gazette to. I'm sure is that the boroughs really are very interconnected especially when it comes to things like housing and economic development so at one point recently the Bronx or not so reasoning. I guess the Bronx Poached freshdirect from means to to the Bronx Obviously we had the controversy over Amazon which was going to be a queens project but obviously potentially affect on the whole city and we've certainly seen over the years in a lot of different contexts with a lot of nuance the discussion about development shaping life in other boroughs. Staten Island during the Bloomberg Administration largely down zoned very much at the behest of local leaders to reduce density that then constricts the amount of development and population. Staten Island can absorb and if the city is growing. That would by simple math suggest. The other boroughs have to absorb that so definitely steppingstone for being mayor A very big potentially big player on the stage the current borough president last year prison to Queens is now a district attorney which means if past practices and indication. Melinda Katz is likely to be in the news the next thirty five or forty years And so yes. Something very significant thing for for everyone. I will also say As someone who was while I was born in Manhattan born and raised so to speak in Queens That this is important. Subject Matter At Heart for me a family in Queens. If you're listening from Queens. Start texting other people who live in Queens and tell them to tune in because it's very important to be ready to vote here in the Queens borough president special election with early voting starting on Saturday and then Election Day March twenty fourth. So we're going to be joined in a few minutes by two Queens Journalists who have been focusing on the race David brand of the Queen's illegal and Christine Chung of the city a new site and they'll break down for us the candidates and the issues in the race and what to watch for. I'll just say again at the top here. Any registered voter in Queens can participate in this. It's a wide open election. This is not a primary. So this is not about party registration. If you're a registered voter in Queens and it believe you might even have a few days still to register to vote in this special election This election is important to you and you can vote in it and and so you should should tune in. So we're going to Segue to discussion of this Queensboro presence special election soon. We've got two great guests joining us in a couple of minutes special election for Queens borough president which is coming up. It is due to the fact that the position was vacated by Melinda Katz after she was elected district attorney of Queens and we now have a special election that will take March twenty four th with the lead up of early voting starting this Saturday suite of candidates And discussion today to help folks in Queens and around the city know what's going on and be prepared for that and so to discuss that race to break down candidate that's implications. Were joining very pleased to be joined by two great journalists David Brand. Who is the managing editor of the Queen's Daily Eagle and Christine Chunk of the Queen's who's a Queens reporter for the city David and Christine Welcome to maximum murphy? Jerry I gotta Say Amazing Segue on that fundraising thank you? Thank you very much. I practice that in front of the mirror all week. Some glad an activist showtime thing. I'm hosting a show on. Wbai now Sundays at six PM city. Watch the listening to you. Guys have been very helpful learning learning from the math and learning how to get a plugin right there. Up Pretty deft. Yeah we're we're we're meeting you for a few minutes here. Kristie will actually starting with Christine since. David already praised us to give her a chance to now. Yes so I guess. First and foremost I mean among everything that's going on and especially being a special election. Do you feel the people of Queens. The voters of Queens. No this race is is going on. Is there at least the expected level of awareness You would have projected I think that there is awareness of this race. Obviously there's been a lot of weed up to this with the DA race and Melinda Katz. Everyone knows that she's no longer the BP right And there have been countless firms. Already to this point But I do think that the recent concerns with the of virus not going to really help matters when it comes to early voting and also the special election in a matter of weeks So I think even though there is potential awareness of this race. I am curious what it's going to do to turn out have either seen candidates out on the stump. Are they shaking hands are they? Not Shaking. Hands are people approaching them. Does it seem like even more than usual. You know? People are running right by them at the subway stops In person this week yet but I have heard from camp today but they really are feeling a little bit anxious about what about the time that they are trying to canvas to get the word out and obviously they're already circulating Bush petition. Excuse me to get on the primary ballot And apparently it's turning out to be a little bit of a challenge obstacle David. What have you seen anything I I've seen just I haven't seen him in person. But just on social media Donovan Richards. Who's out by subway? Stations Cam saying a are shaking hands with each other more on But it's Kinda interesting. 'cause they're right now. There's a push among Candidates to to get the governor to change the petitioning rules require fewer signatures. And so you know there's there's like More insurgent candidates who kind of started that push but some of the county party establishment aligned. Candidates are also starting to get behind that so more of an effort definitely. Because what I'm hearing is people don't WANNA share pen. They are asking for hand sanitizer After they use someone else's pen to sign and they're just total scurrying by interesting the The people getting petition signatures and just to be clear for folks. You know the ballot for this special election is set. This is much more about Other elections coming up this year in the way that special elections work also in New York. There's a special election here. That's nonpartisan every registered voter in Queens can participate but then very quickly. There's a June primary and then in November general election. That could shake up the whole future of. Who's going to be the Queens Borough President? This special election is really just fulfilling out the rest of this year and then the winner of the June primary November general election will Take take the rest of the the term correct. There are meeting interesting. There is a forum. the other day at Queens College and one of the moderators Colin in from sitting. Say asked the candidates if they don't win March twenty four th special. Will they also run in the primary and there were four candidates their time and they all said that they would except for Jim Quinn. He said he wasn't sure yet. Let me just list the candidates for people real quick and then we can talk about them. And what differentiates them? So we've got Current City Council members Donovan Richards and cost Constantinidis. We've got former city council member Elizabeth Crowley. We have Jim Quinn Tao Yin and Anthony Miranda city council member. Jimmy Van Bremer will be on the ballot. But he's dropped out of the race. Let's set it up a little bit for folks who might not be steeped in this as much as as you all are and maybe we are. Obviously it's always good to be president. I was senior class president and so I get. I get to organize every reunion until I suppose I go to the Big Reunion. The Sky but to be borough president. What does that? What does that mean when you explain this to your to your voters in terms of what the stakes? What the implications are. What does that mean in terms of real power and what are the other kinds of soft powers or intrinsic values of the job wires so many folks including some you know accomplished local leaders Running for this. I feel like it. Because they're basically a cheerleader for the borough but position that other than normal community wins race. Bp's appoint community where members they appointed number to the city. Planning Commission and that way they can wield enormous influence and land use issues in the city But that being said obviously they don't have the power to legislate law So that in terms of the tangible things they can do is limited and they feel like it's more about being. The communities. Advocate cleaned his advocate. And then it seems like it is often times the position. That kind of springboard to the next thing we've seen a lot of Manhattan BP especially go for mayor and other positions successfully So I think it's a a long term long-term vision game kind of thing for a lot of experience politician three nuts and bolts functions. And that's like Christine said making Community Board Appointments Making Making Advisory Recommendations on land use issues and then wielding a pretty significant Capital Budget and discretionary budget but aside from that like you hear from a lot of the candidates pretty lofty visions for queens and talking about issues that they have no direct control over Whether they train the criminal justice too hot about bail reform from former Queens prosecutor Jim Quinn big opponent back but you know some some of the candidates including Quinn and Anthony. Miranda retired police sergeant. They say this is a mostly ceremonial position This is a bully. Pulpit we can hold public hearings. We can keep certain issues In the public eye and so like we both mentioned for Clinton that would be Railing against criminal justice reform and the plan to close rikers until the jailing Queens. So it's a long list of candidates. Ben Already read it off. And we've mentioned a few already but let's go down lists for listeners. Maybe who are in Queens? And this is their introduction to the race And we'll kind of bounce back and forth and talk about a quick introduction of who they are and kind of what they've been emphasizing in their campaigning. Dave maybe you could start a Donovan Richards. What what is his approach bin? He he has. He's says he's focuses. Affordable housing for the borough he has the support of the Queen's County Organization And a lot of elected officials have endorsed him especially like officials in southeast. Queens He's you know I think started out the race as one of the very top front runners I think you know. I think it's a wide open race right now but he definitely has a lot that establishment support and has broad appeal in southeast Queens. Where most of the voters are Black Council member in Southeast Queens? He's done a lot of work. Know with with kind of bridging the gap between public and private sectors when it comes to building housing So I think I think he is less associated with one specific issue as some of the other candidates are and he has kind of focused on a few and in addition to housing..

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