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In officers taking off we don't believe that is a coordinated effort but as we're saying throughout the country police departments are feeling very Chambliss at this time they're tired I'm sure that's why they're calling in sick exhaustion they don't think it's coordinated of course it is the NYPD is talking about doing the same thing on the fourth of July because the Blasi always been throwing that agency under the bus for years the mayor of New York is an anti cop guy and if you remember there were a couple of cops were executed in their patrol cars in New York City the blouse you know there's a famous video of the Blasi walking into an emergency room where cops have been shot and you know the the lobby of the police of the I'm sorry of the emergency room the hospital filled with cops and when the mayor of that city walked in every cop turned their back on the mayor that is the feeling that a lot of places when you don't have city management that fully supports the police department now our mayor in Phoenix has not gone to that degree I will be honest with you I don't think she's done anything that is made police turned their backs on her but she certainly hasn't shown huge support for the police department as she's one of the people that put in favor of a civilian review board which I'm not but you can do both you can say that the Phoenix police department has handled themselves admirably professionally during these protests the overtime the hot that there out standing that line walking those walks doing it to keep the protesters safe in people's property safe at the same time you can give them an Atta boy and still be in favor of oversight and we just haven't heard a lot of that it hasn't been a she hasn't been spewing anti cop things like Carlos Garcia does but she has been she has not been vocally pro copy either and in a job where it is dangerous that people need to know that they understand how dangerous your job is and we're going to support you and it's like this in just about every walk of life the best NFL coaches and you were going a whole different profession the best football coaches I've ever been around when I was coaching you know it's some pretty powerful high school football stuff I never coached in college or anything when it came time for accountability and where I used to live in southwest Florida we did have a professional team near us in college sports was huge but on Friday nights they would use the news helicopter to fly to the big high school games in town that's what a big helping high school sports is and when you lose a big game or when something happens the good coaches take the responsibility on their shoulders Hey we I should've done a better job preparing the team you're gonna put this one on me and the coaches this one is one for all of us and if you're gonna do individual criticism if you're going to call people out you do it behind closed doors and you do it in house as a team you don't air your dirty laundry about your employees your players whoever it is in public and that is where a lot of cops in this country right now feel like they are political pawns they are being used in a system so that there is a political heat on city and county and state leadership and it's a sad state you know New York City the police officers in New York City have been undergoing huge amounts of aggression that they've never should never have to tolerate the old videos of cops getting water poured on them and stuff thrown at them in the street and it this should never be tolerated by any of us and so you're seeing a backlash and here in Phoenix in the valley we have got some really great law enforcement leadership and hopefully we're not going to see especially in Phoenix you have to understand as fast as the city of Phoenix is growing as fast as we are growing in population as a city we have got a police department now that is teetering on the brink they are so understaffed and if you were even able to come up with the amount of attrition that could happen which is impossible if cops decide to retire but even if you could keep up with that attrition you are trading twenty to thirty years experience for brand new inexperienced officers that is not a fair trade that is not the way you want to police department to change and so retaining the qualified senior officers long enough to get up to the size you need as a police agency and get up to the experience level you need to carry on is something important for every city that only happens when in any profession your employees feel valued I've got to tell you that working with the people that I work with in this building I've never felt in any job I've ever had is valued as I do here it's a feeling that I wouldn't give up for the world at the end I'm not dumping on anybody else I'm saying this is a place that truly shows that they value people and it shows in the work ethic the people you work around and the attitudes of the people you work with now transfer that to a job that actually is a life and death situation and that's what's happening with policing liver that vehicle to your door just another level of customer service so fifty First Avenue in Maryland visit or go online Sanderson Ford dot com switch.

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