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Argonne is the coach of the year i mean how can you take a bunch of misfits right you call them the misfits always and throw them on a team and the only superstar the only star they have really as marc andre fleury because he's a three three time stanley cup winner and they just they throw a bunch of guys together and they bond together and obviously bond behind what happened in vegas they all just go together let's let's fight for each other and everybody is waiting for them to peak okay when are they going to go down there gonna peak they're gonna but they continue to go through it's been unbelievable there was that early on it was people talking about the vegas and like that probably plays into it but not not to the western conference on some point you know there's something more going on than oh the opposing teams are partying right i mean disney's probably right in the fucking movie as we speak like i said there's only one there's only one sporting event i think that that comes close and that's leicester city winning the premier league three or four years ago i mean what would they five thousand one they end up winning the premier league that's you know people got rich from making a bet on them into beginning the season if you took one hundred dollars in las vegas in august that one that one hundred dollar bad is fifty thousand if i mean that's just it's unheard of but it's just it's good for the league and i think what's even better is we've proven that that las vegas can support a professional sports franchise reagan you can't get tickets for these games but oakland oakland going there next year it will be interesting when biggest has a bad team because right now they're good and they're exciting point when when when when the team is just mac there's a lot more to do in vegas right now cool thing to do but it's kind of the same anybody right you're gonna you know if you don't go to games air in florida they're not going to the games air and they have a good team in florida right it's crazy right it's an interesting thing this idea of like taurus coming into a city and and having the hockey game be one of the main attractions i was done.

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