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You will come in waves this is a my top dirt alert update a quick look of what's happening in entertainment to dug up a lot of good third on by top might listen and more james franco acknowledge sexual misconduct accusations against him earlier this month in said if he has done something wrong he will do whatever he can to make it right two of his accusers are now offering suggestions apologize insert offering better opportunities for women please just apologize comedy writer violet pailey said on good morning america on tuesday the app part but i don't mean to has e on of his on his appearances i don't remember them so i'm sorry look on colbert learn cobres obscene but gadgil yet he's been kind of longwood your eyes the ads really the only option at this point the us malia obama's rumored boyfriend has deleted his social media presence of first megan markel now rory farquharson federal defence i use them looks at me rally as a different inflection owns the museum glitch but um so you know a lot of people are trying to find out who he is because he's been seen photographed with malia obama and he has left instagram he's not on twitter he has removed himself and some people are like oh cage the secret service tell him to do this there are unsure but he down get involved with a royal or if you've been involved with the president's daughter he really just can't be a normal person hit him or her granola renewed its that that trait often you have to be willing to make it and maybe he's happy to do it and ajez of a connecticut is and i and the freed on the average have to worry about haters yeah that's hill yes okay um so people were thinking that there was going to be a crocodile dundee return the son of a land i've heard about this you okay danny mcbride people saw pictures of him dressed up like crocodile dundee there were people the brisbane times has been sniffing out of reasons for his return because they were filming something in australia with chris hemsworth well it turns out that it is for australian tourism in it's an advertising campaign and it's going to air during the super bowl earlier in the ad firm is rilya and this is a really good idea yes okay and on.

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