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On KOA News Radio. KOA NewsRadio time. Eight thirty. President Trump returning to the issue of illegal immigration leaving the door open for a new child separation policy. ABC's Tara Palmeri reports just weeks before the midterms President Trump revealing he is not giving up on his Eero tolerance immigration policy. We'll look at everything that you can look at it. When it comes to illegal immigration, the Washington Post reporting that the president is considering a plan that gives parents who cross the border illegally to choices stay in family detention with their children for months or years is their immigration case proceeds or allow children to be taken to a government shelter. So other relatives or guardians can seek custody. A new ABC Washington Post poll shows fifty percent say Democrats would do a better job on immigration versus thirty eight percent who favor Republicans and the Broncos tried to cool off the Rams today. L is five and we'll have kickoff at two. Oh, five next update at nine. Nine David KO KOA, NewsRadio eight fifty AM and ninety four one FM. What's known pretty heavily right now around the Denver metro area. Looks like the roads might be slicker on the south side of town in the north side earlier, we had a spin out northbound I twenty five near Lincoln. Now, we have another one northbound I twenty five at founders Parkway in Castle Rock we have a crash I twenty five northbound approaching dry creek, a no major delays. We'll keep an eye on that one for you. Another crash I twenty five northbound at university boulevard up in the high country that's known as much as it is here in Denver, and you're going to encounter some slick roads up there as well though. CBS four weather snow in the morning. We'll give way to lingering snow showers this afternoon..

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