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You have to give this like how would you have to start josh mccown understand that like you have to find out what you have and the other guys is some pointing right i dunno do you if that was the case why why bring josh josh gm so i get why you bring josh you into the sense of like you need to adds to bed you have to have some veteran president you have to have a guy get players in huddled the beginning of the season but i wonder if the idea was like let's bring aboard now in then listen at some point we have to check out the other guy guys let josh get us going literally off the ground and then figured out from there i don't know i'm just trying to figure out like what the value is of not figuring out what you guys what you have been those guys unless you've said you know something we've seen enough in practice and we've seen enough in the small sample size of game play that we are just gonna go with josh mccown czar started this year and then take whatever quarterback is available to us with whatever pick we have in the first round because it could very well be in the top two picks it like this i understand what the messaging is understand what they say they're not trying to do what they're trying to do but if you are trying to win it doesn't take a general manager to see that you have made moves around trying to win you'd gotten rid of a lot of your talent right you know you could argue that it wasn't that good it's better talent that what you have currently on this roster josh of the thirty eight euro quarterback who is solid quarterback go get me wrong and like you said he'd be even more incredible per but you can't do this by himself he's not tom brady he's is not peyton manning in his pro and josh understand that so it is a matter which quarterback you put in there they're playing with half a day that's number one so whatever decision they make a quarterback they'll try to answer the question they'll try to appease the media they're trying to ease the ban but at the same time your actions speak louder than words and you have.

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