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History of formula. One his astonishing seven world titles and ninety one victories are still some way clear of Lewis Hamilton in second place. Michael, of course, retired from f one for a second time in two thousand twelve but very, sadly. We haven't heard from him since his skiing accident in December twenty thirteen and it goes without saying that he remains in the hearts and minds of f one fans all over the world, and he's very much in the thoughts of my guest today. Roy. Aspirin. Ross played a central role in all of Michael's world, titles successes and all but three of his race wins. He was technical director Benetton, and then Ferrari, and he even lured Michael out of retirement in two thousand ten when Mercedes returns F one as a works entity few people know, Michael better than roofs. So who better to reflect on this prodigious talent, please sit back and enjoy some of his reflections on a very special. Dr. Ross. Welcome to be on the great great to have you on the show. We're talking all things Michael Schumacher its fiftieth birthday. So when did you first meet Michael, and what impression did he make money? Marcus sports car racing in the mid eighties late late loss. Lord of the ages would be eight or eighty nine I guess and. He maybe ninety actually, but he was driving for the Mercedes full Scott team. They had three drivers. I think it was Michael Franson vinegar. Richaud oversee went onto half along careers. But in the swale skies, Michael stood out massively and. Suppose 'cause back during quake, but also driving to fuel driving. Sent semi economy run your in the race. But he was he was doing lap times on less fuel than. The others beating by mile and the year we had the championship winning Jack. You're any opposition. We truly have quite frankly was was Michael in the Mercedes because the other drivers went what I- anywhere near as good. And and we were saved a little bit. By the fact, that the the Mercedes management gave each of drive is an equal stint in the car. So Michael would go out and give his also grief, and then the other two would give us some comfort..

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