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Top drop at the door straightaway against ROY at rising fire. Revolutionary passes. A revolutionary. One thousand four hundred twenty points. Career. Netscape amazing, obviously, it's been. It's been a long time communist season, you know. Knowing. Before the year that was only two hundred something points. And then there were times where I thought is I'm not gonna make you know the way the season win. With the injury. And then coming coming off the injury was super super slow and. In the last few weeks fell better playing better team conformity kept telling me to shoot so. From Gladys Gladys over with now. This is after hours with Amy Lawrence. I'm really glad it happened in Dallas where the fans could celebrate yet another milestone for Dirk Nowitzki the player of the week brought to you by Grainger, let's take a closer look at this accomplishment for Dirk who's the one who got it done twenty first season any passes Wilt Chamberlain to move into six on the NBA's all time scoring list. Now, as you know, LeBron James has been working his way up that scoring list past will pass, Jordan. He's now fourth and Dirk Nowitzki took a little longer than maybe he anticipated. But he's now at thirty one thousand four hundred twenty four points, and he hasn't officially confirmed. This will be his final season, but the dark farewell tour continues just in case, and it's been really neat to see him handle it with class and to soak it all in even without the jersey exchange that Dwayne Wade has done at every stop. Dirk has been celebrated and serenaded and honored, and he should mean sheer longevity. But also think about the impact he's made on the sport. But also on the international aspect of the NBA. So congratulations to Dirk Nowitzki. The player of the week..

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