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Hey, welcome. This is the Ben Shapiro show. Got a lot to get to today. We'll get to in just a second Democrats jumping on Joe Biden over supposed sympathy for segregation or something. Plus, we'll get to the Democrats, pushing slavery, reparations why they are doing this right now. But we begin with the announcement by President Trump that Iran is in deep doo, Ron shutdown US drone, according to New York, escalating tensions around shot down a US surveillance drone early on Thursday. According to both nations, the nation's differed, on the crucial issue of whether the aircraft had violated, Iranian airspace in the latest, esscalation intentions, that have raised fears of war between the two countries, I do love, again, these cycle of violence language that is used by the New York Times. It's just the latest esscalation intentions generalized tensions out there in the universe that raised fear of actually it's just around keeps bombing things and like shooting things down. The United States is taken no aggressive military action against Iran, as none going back to the Obama administration when Iranians, we're taking prisoner. American soldiers, Iran. Unifil. Cels said the drones overrun American military denied that each side accused the other of being the aggressor obviously, we should take the Iranian contentions with all of the all of the verifiable truth that they deserve. The we should we should absolutely take a Ron's contentions seriously because they never lie about these things like wanting to develop nuclear weapons or bombing ships or anything supporting terrorists. They're perfectly honest, obviously, should take the contentions of the American government in the Iranian government, with exactly the same amount of seriousness, both of the country said the downing occurred at four oh. Five Ron time on Thursday seven thirty five pm on Wednesday in Washington journal shot down by Iranian surface to air missile system while operating an international airspace of international airspace, over the strait of Hormuz, according to US Centcom, again, in the strait of Hormuz is the geographic region. That is the source of a lot of this tension right now because the Iranians are affected seeking to bottleneck all traffic through the. Rate of homeless, which is responsible for an enormous amounts of the world oil market. They're hoping to drive up the price of oil artificially by preventing a solid supply through the strait of Hormuz. The United States. This was an unprovoked attack on a US Valence asset international airspace, in Iranian attack on American aircraft, even unmanned drone as potential flashpoints the growing list of recent clashes. Also, the White House had late night meetings. Sarah Huckabee Sanders told news outlets that the president had been briefed on the missile attack, and that the administration was monitoring the situation and then president from one on Twitter. And he tweeted out, Iran made it very big mistake. So if we end up going to war on the basis of a tweet. L say it's not ideal like we used to have a procedure for this, where you went to congress for permission to go to war, and all of this sort of thing, but it is a little funny. Downside, not constitutional upside kind of Larry Clinton, Tarantino, kind of old school. Clint Eastwood, just Trump growling to himself made a very big mistake. They and it's just the bombs launch and five minutes. Okay. So are we actually going to get into a shooting war with Iran? I think that is very, very unlikely. The fact is that, that is the last thing, the Iranians one forget about what we want the last thing that the Iranians want is a full-scale shooting with the United States. The fact is, we could just sink their military, the way that we did the rain military back during operation praying mantis, but Iran's continual escalation of affairs is going to lead at some point in the United States, having to take some sort of action here and it's not going to be economic action so that's not going to devolve into a full-scale shooting war. It's funny because the press seems to think that every time the United States fires a shot that this ends in World War Two, that is not the case. You know how many times the United States has fired missiles into particular areas in. I mean, we did it under Trump to Syria like two years ago, it didn't evolve into a full scale war between Syria and the United States, and we have American troops in Syria right now. So, you know that I'm skeptical of the claim that the Trump. Administration is ready to send a hundred and fifty thousand two hundred thousand American troops into the middle of the Middle East and it's just not something that is really on the table. So we'll keep an eye on that. Obviously, we'll keep an eye on president from Twitter feed to determine if he decides to announce any targets the Twitter, I guess that's our doing this thing. Now we're just going to wait and he's going to be like the beach has. We'll find out. Okay. Meanwhile Joe Biden, they're coming for all Joe. So I've been predicting this since the day, the Joe Biden decided that he was going to run for president. Is that all the guns would turn old Joe and I have to admit if Joe had not spent the last few years being just a terrible politician. Then I'd feel a lot more sympathy for him because the attacks Joe Biden today are extraordinarily unfair. I mean just in all intellectual honesty. They're really, really unverified axe on Joe Biden. Now here's the thing. Joe Biden has expressed sympathy for segregation as senators in the past Joe Biden has actually said nice things about segregation senators in the past, not because they were segregationists per se, but because he says lots of nice things about lots of senators because he was wait for it in the Senate. This is just something that happens in the Senate, there, lots of people in congress who prays each other on a regular basis. But now this is just terrible. How dare Joe Biden suggest that he? Was once civil to people with whom he radically disagrees. And this is, as I say, it's not unusual Steve Kornacki, who works over at NBC news, national political correspondent, he points out that Ted Kennedy used to talk about his warm collegial relationship with James Eastland. The Senator at issue in Joe Biden's comments does that mean that, that, that Ted Kennedy was a vicious brutal racist? Is that what's going on there? I really don't think so. Nonetheless, Joe Biden stepped in it because you're not allowed to acknowledge the humanity of people who you disagree with even people who you think are truly wrong about everything in whole principles. You're not allowed to knowledge their humanity or acknowledged that if you sit in the Senate with them that sometimes you have to make deals with them. That's very bad. Not allowed to do that. Instead, you have to virtue signal at every turn and not get things done in the Senate. I suppose so here is what happened to break. It down. So Joe Biden was speaking at a fundraiser at the Carlyle hotel in New York City on Tuesday night, and he stressed the need to be able to reach consensus under our system. And he's basically talked about serving. With the late senators James Eastland of Mississippi and Herman Talmadge Georgia, both Democrats were staunch opponents of desegregation, Eastland was the powerful chair of the Senate Judiciary committee, when Biden entered the chamber in nineteen Seventy-three Biden said, I was in o'clock is with James o Eastland. He never called me. Boy, he always called me son. And he called Talmadge, one of the meanest guys, I ever knew you go down the list of all these guys said, well, guess what? At least there was some civility, we got things done. We didn't agree on much of anything. We got things done. Got it finished. But today, you look at the other side, and you're the enemy, not the opposition, the enemy. We don't talk to each other anymore. Oh, so this is enough to ruin Joe Biden. I mean they are coming for him. And they are coming with pitchforks. They are coming with pitchforks to exactly the angle of attack in one second. I, I know you got that AARP card in the mail. 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