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This is from Alex bregman one of the best players in baseball, one of these studs from the defending world champion. Houston Astros sent the tweet CC Sobat via. CC mad respect would play. What you any day? I see. Players around the league notice teams around the league, notice what that sort of gesture means when you basically say to hell with five hundred thousand dollars my catcher got buzzed. I'm not happy about it. I'm going to do something about it. You'll see a whole lot of that in this day and age. And there's a reason why certain guys aren't athletes certain players have the clout and have the respect around the sport. They do. One of those guys. Tweet like that bregman. Basically all you need to know toll free line is brought to you by Mohegan sun. Omitted possibilities await you have o'hagan sun plan your stay Mohegan sun dot com. What said to Manhattan Bob joins us. Bob, you're on the fan. What's going on? Good morning, sir. We got a couple of times. First of all, I I thoroughly love your show the energy and analogy bring to the table is so refreshing. Appreciate that, Bob. This very very kinda means a lot to me. That's very quick question. What I mean you've heard of from calling the call. But what did especially in this day of me me me learning athletes is so refreshing? You know, my question for you is do you think the jets have a chance against the Jacksonville? The weekend very concerned about the matchup and the jets will have to show so much more innovation and so much more creativity. Bob offensively then what they did a week ago against the Cleveland Browns. If they think it's going to be a good idea dad Sam darnold, basically sitting there in the pocket utilizing the same three or four poise over and over again and tickets go into work not against this defense. The too fast too good there outstanding on the front four, and they will give this jet offensive line fits the way you win this game. A move San Donald around get them throwing on the run take advantage and take a couple of shots down field. And hope that your defense is gonna frustrate Blake Bortles. Then here's question regarding the defense. Bob are we getting into jet defense that was fine over field in the I ask or we get in the second half. Check defense that had no idea. What Baker Mayfield was going to do? That was committed stupid penalties. All over the place and was beating themselves over and over again. I don't know I'm debating because it's an and I have know region. Is there any team to my money? And so you know, where I'm going. I see. Now, look, I think it's seven and a half. It's a tricky tricky number tricky number because with a bad I'll -fensive team I for one don't usually like lane a lot of points with a team that has trouble scorn and Jacksonville last week. Did not score a touchdown against the Tennessee titans. You got lay seven and a half with the Jaguars. But can I in good faith put away wager down on the jets plus seven and a half on Sunday? I for one cannot say to Manhattan Jackson says Jack you're on the fan. Hey, JJ interest of full disclosure. I'm a die hard giants fan. And I know well, your thoughts on the twenty eighteen draft. Now, I have a rather existential question, I understand that Super Bowls are the gold currency. But to be honest, I don't feel they're the only currency. So as an objective expert should a team like the giants be more interested in competing and making the playoffs in the next few years without a great chance of winning the whole shebang or should they completely rebuild risking missing the playoffs in the next few years, maybe until say twenty twenty but have a real legitimate better chance of competing for a Super Bowl at that time. Here's the problem with that question, Jack, I've seen all sorts of teams around the league with young quarterbacks winning and winning at a high level. I mean, what is Jared Goffin? What you're seeing right now. Right. I appreciate that. And I guess my question more eggs, essentially, and this moving pasta giant should a team. If you're a GM of a team, and you don't see a realistic window of winning a Super Bowl in the next few years. But you do see a route the draft or free agency of making the playoffs in competing in a real way that you haven't been in the last few years, but probably not barring a miracle winning the Super Bowl should the look be. Okay. I'm only looking to win the Super Bowl. Let's throw it out as we can't do that. Or is there a real interest? If you were just an objective GM in just making the playoffs in competing. I guess I think that's what Dave Gettleman wants to do. Obviously, the giants will tell you Mera Gettleman Shurmur that their mindset is to compete for and win a championship. But I think the giants this year. Now, I don't think they'll admit this publicly, but I. I think after three and thirteen year if they end up winning the NFC east and they're hosting a playoff game. I think a lot of people within that organization. Jack will be very satisfied with the season. Now, I feel a lot more from the giants starting Sunday now against the New Orleans Saints. Two more my narrative into this team that can win a division. It's amazing. This team was as bad as can be a week ago against Dallas couldn't block couldn't complete a pass no creativity within their scheme whatsoever. The following week against Houston. Give credit where Credit's due the game plan was much better. Manning was much better. DR offensive line was much better job. Well done. That's what we expect to see out of this giant offense and started here. But as far as. The drafting. Of saquon Barkley over one of the quarterbacks, I can tell you guys on Jaffa in order for that to work. You've got to win big. And you've got to win in a big way. Like. The idea of just planning one or two playoff games. It's not enough for me. Deep. January pile FRANZ. Bypass in a quarterback in that spot. Giants. Listen, it's water under the bridge at this point. We'll revisit these drafts many moons down the road guarantee. Make do it again this year for all we know the idea for these twenty eighteen is to win as to compete. That's why the giants is. That tells you guys back in the summer saying about like eight a nobody could honestly look at this year and say, you don't like the direction of our franchise you're going to Nate can say that. So now football team. They finally looked like one a week ago. Now, let's see it again. Said to Hoboken, New Jersey. Steve Steve on the fan. What up JJ? What's racking, Steve pal? So before I get to my show to see question. Did you just call Alex bregman? One of the best players in baseball. He's on his way. Yes. I do. I believe that. Yes. I do. He's an average player fair. Stevie washing play this year. Yeah. He's fine. He's on his way. Steve in two thousand eighteen I'm not talking about last year. I'm not talking about the year before that this year. Alex bregman has been one of the fifteen best players in the sport. Okay. Whatever whatever, that's not opinion. That's fact, look at the numbers Steve off the charts. Okay. No. I mean, I just want you acknowledged that. I don't understand why he throwing cold water on Alex bregman. Okay. I think he's a nice player. Think he he's a little better than is player. Listen last year for the Houston Astros. He was a nice player this year. He has played like a bonafide stud no-one sends a bus. He's been. Okay. What's your fantasy question? Go ahead. I draft Elias for show the third ground in eighteen league. And he's a disaster. But I doubt that you're happening. The change in. Josh rosen. Would. His performance would go up, and they should keep them on would Steve. I mean, it's Larry FitzGerald. That's future hall of Famer. He's had a terrible quarterback situation. The first two weeks and you have to figure which is Rosen when you think about a quarterback trying to find a security blanket. What is the best source of a security blanket on that cardinal team? It's one or two guys. Correct. Jimmy Johnson found. That's the problem when you double down on the corner Knowles. You can't have leaks likely had over the first three weeks team's going to be in a lot of trouble. I would not give up on FitzGerald. And I'm actually in a similar predicament to you. I'm in a league at high hopes for him. And he is not lived up to the Bill. You hope that the quarterback change will improve on those numbers now here. Alex bregman numbers for this season. Now, he's having a damn good year. And I stand by my statement this year housebreak has played like one of the best players in baseball. He's at two eighty nine with thirty one homers a hundred and three Rb is ten stolen bases. Outstanding defensive third base. An opium of nine thirty four. Not too shabby Mike fliegelman he's been the best or worst second best offensive player on a team that has one hundred wins. Yeah. A team that won the World Series. And if you remember in the second half last year, he was unbelievable got off to a slow. But after the break, he was great. You're right about that. Because I remember he played at Yankee Stadium. And I looked up at the batting average in the numbers when they played mother's day weekend. I was at the dirt shooter game. And I was like man the how high hopes going into the air he's been sticking up the joint. He hit a home run that night off Tanaka everybody. Did that was one of those Tanaka starts where you're getting all by nine runs in two innings got Bergman's year going, and yeah, he's he's absolute stud. So to throw cold water on the year. He's having makes me wonder if you watching these same games over the course of the year that I've been watching the fake news here. Opinion gave me fact Stu seventeen here on this Friday. It's JJ after dark, John jastremski. Jimmy cavity right here on the fan. Eight seven seven three seven sixty six sixty six will break down all the ins and outs of the giants. Taking on drew Brees the saints and who started at Walker for New York Yankees. We're coming right back. And now a page from the diary of Flo. Dear diary, there's something about protecting people's homes through progressive that inspires me. 'cause I just had an idea for a book. Well, it was originally an idea for a movie based on a play inspired by a podcast..

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