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Matches your job to the right candidates fast so while other companies might deliver a lot of hey police recruiter finds you a needle in the haystack and right now you can try ziprecruiter free just go to ziprecruitercomtalk for your free trial ziprecruitercom rush talk good evening mike gave of mexico congresswoman ben ray liu on is one of two veteran democrats and a top aide to another democrat being investigated by the house ethics committee the others being investigated are john conyers of michigan and michael collins georgia congressman john lewis chief of staff thou allegations against the three are not clear yet but the investigation was recommended by the independent office of congressional ethics the albuquerque journal reports that luhan spokesman says a complaint was filed bipartisan outside group about activities during a sit in last year by democrats pushing for gun control and there is good news as for better call solve fans and larry mullen brink has it the amc series filmed in albuquerque has been renewed for a fourth sees it the justconcluded season three was the third highest rated drama on cable and a twenty five to fifty four age group that mexico filled office says the series employ between seventy five and ninety he did actually co crew mebers last season better cole saw was nominated for seven emmy awards in 2016 including outstanding actor for bob odenkirk larry mullen break news radio kkob and albuquerque police are urging a driver possibly in a wreck with a woman they think later caused uh six vehicle crash at eubank an academy monday evening to contact them the multi vehicle crash started when the driver of a silver infinity g thirty five slammed into the back of a volkswagen officer simon drabick says police are asking the driver in what they think was the first racket eubank campus ceo or eubank and quintessence to contact abd about that crash and the infinity driver now as for wall street today the dow closed down ninety nine points thank you for joining us i might.

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