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Early the morning of March twenty six rescue workers repelled down the cliff where they lifted the dead bodies of three children later identified as Marcus Abigail, and Jeremiah heart and spotted two more Sarah in the back and Jen in the driver's seat. The corner found an ingredient commonly used an allergy medicines like Benadryl in the bodies of Sarah in two of the kids. Jen's blood alcohol. Content was over the legal limit. No one had wearing a seatbelt. The car's computer revealed that Jan had stopped on a pull out some seventy feet from the cliff moments before the freefall she then gunned it off the ledge. Ten days later, the county sheriff issued a statement about the gruesome incident. Longer. I'm calling this an accident. I'm calling it a crime. From glamor and how stuff works this is broken hearts. I'm Justin Harman, and I'm Liz Egan together. We've been looking into this story for the past six months, and what has emerged is one of the most complex and compelling stories of abuse, neglect privilege and confusion in the digital age. We've ever encountered one astounding element of this story is that this family, the heart tribe didn't just burst into the news after the horrific crash over the years they had somehow managed to be at the center of multiple news events. Remember that picture of the young black boy in a blue fedora embracing a white cop in riot gear at a black lives matter rally in two thousand fourteen and the debate that ensued over whether it was a symbolic moment of racial healing or semi staged theater. That was devante heart. The third oldest of the heart kids. Devante was trumpet player who loved to brush his dog..

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