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That will be bad information and so states will pass laws to prevent fraudulent registrations that don't exist but will in fact restricts the right to vote so there is this theory going around that the commission asked for things in that strangely worded letter knowing that officials couldn't share some of that information by their own laws and their states but that simply by refusing it gives the white house the opening to charged the states must be up to something mr trump tweeting numerous states are refusing to give information to the very distinguished voter fraud panel what are they try to hide this is seen by some as a kind of fiendishly clever threedimensional chess chris coconut played emma three dimensional chest he is playing paint ball right chris cobac thinks that there is voter fraud he has a target and he is going to hit it you know and i know no exactly what he's going to do this commission's going to produce a lot of talking points i am not convinced that it will produce a lot of policy change at the secretary of state's conference last weekend i got the impression that they were all concerned that this matching system was going to be bad that did not stop at party doors and if they're concerned about the veracity of the data that kulbok is going to produce then i think that they probably will not act on the information that has given to them by this commission will jessica listening you can knock me over with a feather ula some consolation after all shore thank you very much you're.

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