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About quality but the sound and just a fact like you are in that world and that is not audible. I don't know what the budget was But lynch was a big name. It was forty or forty million. Yeah that i feel like that's a decent amount of cashback movie and you i. That's i mean movies. The allergist next level. Special lane and chad world building. I think is the most important like like you can have a great movie. Nineteen four. but it's gonna not be a a massive lead science fiction film taken place on the planet rackets right now. We can do that and enough where you're more immersed like you don't even think about it you're just like a man fuck is going on. Yeah the words. let's go. What kind of dreams have you been having paul. Who is this girl. We have to find johnny planet. I still think it would probably be better suited as if they could do it. Some sort of game of thrones way where it's a serialized version. I mean there's just a lot of shit going on. But i think if i think two movies is in bad. Because if they want to do one book. Game of thrones is different because it's got a lot of quality books how what's the length of like fire and ice head around a thousand pages or dune is forum. Rages in those one. Yeah but it's heavy. You know there's a lot. I think there's a lot more i think i think if they made it a television series they would have to make a source material very fast. It doesn't it doesn't have to be seven seasons just serialized minister. Ten part dune like doc millions like millions which had six parts which didn't need six parts needed needed four which is two movies so mcnealy. They're doing all right. I don't have any other notes. For dune notes were not like i mean they were almost like taking notes really is messiah flow chart like Yeah kind of her conan's might be attacking her conan's did attack water question-mark spice question mark. What is your relationship with spice edwards. Ask professor about this later. Office hours. Nine to eleven. Sundays timestamped two hours in one minute. Thirty seconds a so. Are you guys. Would you say your interest in new movie is greater or less than Resigned greater. I had no idea with the fucking. I saw the trailer Watch this means seems like okay. I'm actually attempted to read the book before selling four hundred pages. Yeah i'm not gonna read the book i am. I think more interested in the movie. Because it's i mean the fundamental idea. The plot spice. Rooney's the spice. Are you going to get this by. That's cool i like that..

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