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There to keep a minute. Also want nothing, another big save to keep it at once. I would say there were two safety for that one nothing that he was massive in. And look, there was the opening sequence once her genial desk played the ball back to him, and he kicked it like maybe 15 yards. Deep in about a hundred yards high, and you're like, okay, you expect that out of Matt Turner. His strengths aren't his feet. But what you expect at a mat Turner is exactly what he did. That shot stopping ability. He's the best in the pool. When it comes to that shot stopping the ability. So if you think the U.S. national team will be under constant pressure, that's your goalkeeper. See, I think tonight we saw a lot of rust from guys. A lot of whom are actually playing every week for their team. One guy who isn't is Matt Turner, and he didn't look rusty. I don't think at all. And one of the things that I saw recently from him was he's come out and he's talked about his time at arsenal. And he says he's massively improved. And I gotta be honest. When I saw that I kind of rolled my eyes, I was like, you've played a game. You played a couple matches. How could you have massively improved? He definitely seems confident. He doesn't seem like he's missing playing every week. He seems like he's the best goalie in the pool right now. It's basically off that performance alone. It's tough, tough to judge. You got to say right now. You have to say right now. He's the leader in the country. Oh, no. Absolutely. But as far as improving. Yeah. And I'm not to say that because he's shown me what he's always shown me. Right, but I'm not just saying that because Stefan is injured and we can always put that Astros and stuff and that, oh, he could be here. But I'm also saying that because Stefan is injured. Yeah, but I'm also saying that because Zack Stefan isn't playing. Even when he lost his job. So Zach Stephens played more than Matt Turner, but Matt Turner did right now. Yes. And the guy's pointed out on the broadcast, the arsenal schedule is actually favorable in a lot of ways. It is because play a game of week. And he'll get a game of weekend. Right now, I can't tell you that Zach Stephan will be available for a game a week. Yeah. It feels like Stephan has room to gain on Turner and you don't know if there's going to be space from to gain that room, but we also know that he's a burr halter favorite. And that might help close the gap. Because it was Matt Turner who came on the show and pointed out and we didn't realize until he pointed out like, hey, every single important game, Greg berhalter has gone with Zach Stefan. Costa Rica, Mexico, like those important games, he's gone with Zach Stefan. So if that's the case, what's more important than heading to the World Cup? If Zach step in southy, you almost assume Gregor Holter will go as ex Stefan. We focus so much on the 9. I think this is the biggest decision that Greg berhalter has. Because when you make this decision, you can't swap it. Like, you can swap your 9s throughout the World Cup. I don't think once you make this choice, you can swap it, and dwell. Realistic. What's more probable? A goalkeeper having to come up big or Jesus FedEx having to score a goal in the World Cup. Yeah, I mean, depending on who you play, but yes, I think. Just in this group. Yeah. You're always going to be the most important player for the U.S.. All right, one more stock up stock down

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