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That's why we're here. The phone number is 808 590. W. J. R. That's 800. 8590957 give us a call right now. Now is 6 23 in the morning, and it's time for Joe gunman's total mind topics. Okay. What do you got on this morning? We're talking about your clothes dryer. You realize that they're some 15 18,000 house fires every year in this country. Caused by clothes dryers caused by consumers who don't clean the vent line going to the outside. Now you see how cold it is outside this morning. Well, we're going to get some cold weather before this winter's over and more of it down the road. Make sure when you open the door on your dryer, you don't feel the outdoor air coming into the drum, because if the flapper outside is not working properly, it's not shutting down off the air that's coming into the house through the vent line. Well, yes, wasting a lot of money and drying your clothes because that drum is ice cold, and all you have to do is really open the door and put your hand inside to feel the coal that shouldn't be there. Make sure the flap around the outside is working properly. Take a little toothbrush. Take a little toothbrush. Get down on one knee on the snow and Clean that little hinge on each side of that flapper so that the door closes and saves you money and energy by simply closing the door on the vent, And while you're at it Take a look at that vent line. Do you clean it twice a year as I recommend you do. You take a leaf floor and stick it in the vent line and blow all the lint out of there like you should do. I repeat to you. There are many thousands of house fires every year in this country. Don't run that clothes dryer at night when you go to bed. It should not be operating while you're sleeping. I'm Joe Gannon. That's top of the mind Subject this morning and we'll go back to our executive director producer Donald Hammer Schuster and will pay homage to Chuck Berry was that long distance operator? Give me Memphis, Michigan, We gotta speed Queen dryer. Question. This is Eric. Good morning, Eric. Thanks for calling And how may we help you, sir? Morning that I love the show. That's all about to get people. I've got to speak actually college a couple weeks ago. Yes, when you go checked out that website, which is an appliance pros dot com. E did go on there. I was disappointed that I cannot find like a drawing of what it's the parts were on my dryer. So When I called earlier. I guess I was a little confused about what the actual problem was with the strike of the dryer works fine. Um The only thing that it does not do is the timer does not advance. Uh, some of the automatic settings Sometimes it does. Sometimes it doesn't So I see on the exhaust. There is too little probes that go into the exhaust or not inside the drum on the bottom on the front of you know where the exhaust comes down to the big triangle thing, And then there's around to that goes out the back. Right. Um, so here's my question. There's two screws on the bottom. That's all it holds the front on. Can I just take that offers the drum gonna fall or is their brackets holding it now? I'll have to take off later. I wasn't sure you know the dome's gonna fall because it's held up by the belt and the front panel as well. There's glides rollers that hold the front up. So to take that off, but back to this thing on the back It. Is it white plastic? Um, I'm sorry. What do you mean the thing on the back Well on the on the vent line, you were talking about a blown fuse metal. It's metal. It's mentally well, that's a terrorist to a little like that are wired. I'm assuming there's some kind of a sensor. Um, They're about the size of a nickel, maybe a half of an inch sticking out of the front of the ground ductwork. This is a 1989. So it's older. Yeah, well, one of your thermostats is not working properly. Because I get to get one of those. Oh, yeah, you'll be able to find when you go. You try that. Otherwise they go to repair clinic dot com. Okay? And put in your mother. I know I've been replaced balls. Well, unless you know how to figure out which one is bad, Okay, but you go to repair clinic dot com and type in your model number, and it has a breakdown of all the parts on your dryer. One of those called cycling thermostat. Both. They're both cycling. Thermostats? Yes, Very good, sir. Thank you so much. I'm gonna I'm gonna go back to that appliance pros and check it out a little better, and I'll call you back and give you a full report. I'd love that. Thank you so much for doing that. They care. Enjoy yourself. Thanks. Thanks. Bye bye. Our phone number to call is 808 590. W. J R. That's 808 590957. We're getting calls from all over. We've already talked to Matt from sorry. Now we've talked to Eric from Memphis, Michigan. We're gonna be talking to Tom from Travers Burgh, Pennsylvania next. We could be talking to you as we funnel the whole sound of the show. Who? The WJR Command Central in the new Center area of Midtown Detroit. We're in the Golden Tower, The Fisher building. We are the great voice of the.

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