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They waved show Kim Noah sports at fifteen and forty five around the clock. Jacob Wilkins, genuine win sports. Invest in your future at Hofstra university's Frank Jesus. School of business with a variety of graduate business programs from accounting to strategic healthcare management Zarb school has the right master's degree for you. And if you're a working professional their top top-ranked online MBA four part time MBA or hybrid executive MBA programs are offered at a pace that fits your schedule. Learn more at WCBS radio small business breakfast Thursday, October twenty fifth or register for an upcoming info session at Hofstra dot EDU slash Zarb radio. And midtown. And wins on October sixteenth look for the guac spot at the front of the DO h employee entrance. One twenty-five worth street in Manhattan between twelve and three pm boss supplies last. And don't forget to speak to your benefits manager. This fall about metro plus gold health plan. Wins. News time six eighteen. Ram? Power days have arrived, which means great deals on the all new ram fifteen hundred right in time for football and tailgating season with fifteen hundred zero saleable legendary Hemi engine you'll have a hall of Famer powering all your drives and celebrations on game day at in an available twelve inch touchscreen that's largest in its class and see why more people are switching to ram trucks than ever before. Whoa. Qualified current lessees of competitive vehicles. Get a little mileage lease on select twenty nineteen ram fifteen hundred classic express quad cab models with a you. Connect three point radio for one ninety nine a month for thirty six months with three thousand four fifty nine hundred signing tax, title, license. Extra class-based unlike duty pick ups since two thousand ten based on I just market US house will methodology and FCA segmentation of conquest data from US vehicle. Registrations. For two thousand ten to two thousand sixteen twenty seven seven grand pipes seven to do for details. Requires dealer contribution to lease through Chrysler capital on thirty percent of inventory of twenty nine thousand ram fifteen hundred classic express quad cab four by four trucks tend to eighteen while dealers. Doc lasts twenty five cents reach my liver, thirty thousand residency restrictions apply. Apply. Take delivery by ten thirty.

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