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Your pool for free yeah so this is the the coupe he okay a goes to Alexis this time it'll yeah see three dollars three dollars okay three dollars is a Lexus is bad don McLean saying three dollars and twenty nine cents to three dollars and twenty nine cents you said on the actual retail price of the coop and compost coop older neutralizer is five forty nine on is on the board yeah that means whoever gets this next one will take home the point will dawn tied up once again I don't know the suspense is killing me here's the next item up for bid on fleet farm prices right it is a fifteen gallon drum of mill calls branded that's right it is in fact deodorize is the toughest of honors use this as an utter wash or the manual sanitizer football tanks to cancels perfect for any any T. any under this fifteen gallons of milk house brand can be yours in the price right how many gallons don McLean this is a fifteen gallon drum okay seeing gallon drum of water wash might need some of this it goes back to this time it is right it's you this outcast on say I want a fifteen gallon twenty five dollars twenty five dollars Alexis the dollar the actual retail price of the fifteen gallon drum of milk house brand under wash is I believe I went.

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