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And that's opened up a whole discussion. Now of is his arm. Good enough which which is caught a frustrated because i think is is is arm is good enough. You had the the deep shot like ninety yarder like that was a buckets. Road deep shot perfectly thrown. But now people are saying he doesn't have enough to sort of push the ball downfield into tighter window so then people are well. He doesn't throw over the medal right. She the little spray sharp. All the throws a line of scrimmage and on the sideline and there's nothing in the middle of the field. Quarterbacks can win that way like she'll be a russell wilson spray chart and i'll show you something that looks basically the exact same But yeah i it's it's open the door to some discussions about back. I mean actually the is docked. That's we get this week. Only that hurts on a week when it's dallas week which is never for never find and i feel like that's also what we're going to get into that only outta me wanna get into that yet I have pulled to plays one. That was like what could have been in one that was on. That was really really good Both of them were really good on. Jalen hurts his behalf. But the one that could have been a touchdown we saw jalen regular you know That was ten seconds left in the first. I intend any. Hey jalen rigor with a really pass for thirty six yards It was supposed to be a touchdown but they called back because jalen regular stepped out of bounds prior to catching the catch to making the catch. Well that was a really nice throw on. Jalen hurt his behalf. He hit him right on target. Like it was right on the money. That's flaw from the young. Why receiver this is his second season. You would think like oh certain things like that are mistakes that she shouldn't be making anymore. But yeah and you know of course the sequence after the big play where you get the first goal from the one that ends up in the fourth down sort of phillies special type design. Which is like you said. That's what everybody's saying. Look there to brian baldinger. He came on monday morning. He was just like. I don't understand what they're trying to do here and you do wonder if syria of felt like had to one up. Kyle shanahan i. I hate to get sort of psycho analytic year and try to know psychologists but it does feel that way right. Yep if feels that way. They did a week wind so this was just like a lot of trickery and he did. It need to do that. And i just looked at the first goal applicable. The one you lot up heavy personnel. You go play action. You try to get on the corner by. That's a nice little first and goal at the one. I like that play call. It's more the fourth of three trying to dial up a throwback to your quarterback like did. There's better things you can do here. You know there's better things you can do in that moment or you could just i. I know so people fossil said you just kick the feel. I like the idea to go. It's the end of the half. You've got an opportunity to get a ten point lead. I just think that was one of those too cute by half moments that it do you think. Because that's all allowed commentary on this saying that they should have. He should've had the trust similar. To like the lamar jackson like hurt. Should originate everytime you know about that. No i mean i. I think there's something to be said for that too. I mean i think there's something to be said for. Look you go to show them that sort of outside zone. Look with hurts. Have the option to keep that. Now maybe san francisco was waiting for that and you could see on. I'm i'm watching the replay right now. You've got fred warner. One of the games best linebackers sitting there waiting for that for hers to keep income vertically. So maybe they were sort of swatted on that okay but then to throw back with a receiver. I know greg ward play quarterback in college. Like i get it if there's a guy you're going to call that play for its great ward..

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