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This barbaric practice many thanks and god bless you steve yet this there is a wilful ignorance i think on the left his who want to square that circle i do think there's a wilful ignorance i do understand how someone could honestly support abortion and not think that it's murder and the way that they could do that is by saying it's not murder no woman needs autonomy of her body a woman is unfair that women have this particular issue and men don't have that and that's unfair and so it's not murder what are you sure it's not sure how is it looks like murder no no it's not more than it is a wilful ignorance it's like in the giver by lowest lowery and there's this scene in the movie to him in the book where they're talking at the the people these automatic bronze in this utopian society without any history they are they kill babies they kill what they consider to be defective babies and you see i remember in the movie you see the the person looks they all my how the killing those babies and they say they don't know they're doing them they don't realize they're killing babies they're just doing it um so that's how they that's how they don't square that circle eyes for murder charges for abortionists it yeah if it were against the law if there were constitutional amendment defining the beginning of life uh or acknowledging the beginning of life for a law or something you would not only would i support murder charges for those people brit breaking the law and committing murder according to the law everyone would have to support that right you're basically the law is defining this as it as murderer as morally similar to murder so you would be if that is how the laws defining you would have to support law enforcement and the the reason that it's important to bring this up is this is like the dread scott decision this is why the abortion issue is a lot like the slavery issue the central premise for the american nation is natural rights so the dread scott decision is is actually great decision it's the wrong decision but it throws the issued a stark relief which is free to blacks can't become american citizens if if there is.

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