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It sounds like as long as they can slow down the saints a little bit US think the eagles have a chance here. Listen, I well. I don't really know. What listen here's what I think. I think that this is a game that Doug Peterson is almost built to coach because he always wants to be the underdog. He wants to be the guy that you need trick plays. You need to go for it on fourth down you need to take big chances. And so we have seen in limited sample when they're the favorite when they just need to go with a standard gambling. They haven't thrived. But in the game where they are decided underdog where they are going to have to make big plays on both sides of the ball. I do trust Peterson in that spot to have his team ready, and we have seen from the eagles. They are. I don't think they're going to have them in tally of let's just make sure we don't get blown out in the first match of one of the reasons they got blown out cars once threw three picks. This could be a game. Nick foles throws three picks. That's gotta be on the board because you're going to have to take chances. You're going to have to take shots. You're going to have to try to make big chunk game changing plays on both sides of the ball that. Leave you susceptible to the opposite happening that why that's why the such a tough game to pick. Could. I see eagles winning. Yeah. They could could I see the same twin by twenty one points. Absolutely. Like the eagles to me. Best chance is a game plan that allows them the the possibility of getting blown out. I believe that the eagles especially the defense. You can't give the saints too. So I believe you put people in the box take the saints out of the running game. Because the last two years what do the saints wanna do? They wanna build a pound the football. So as you mentioned they need to be able to get in the gaps in get tackles for losses on first down their secondary can be had. So I'm concerned about their secondary. And how they match up with champagne I believe after the bye, I believe Theron Armstead being healthy as far as left tackle helter. He's got a torn, Patty. So he's not going to be healthy until he gets surgery. I bleed that the saints get back to the saints that we saw in week number two to about week number thirteen. Eighteen right. Those are the saints believe show up on Sunday. And I believe that this is the end of the Nick, Nick foles, right? Well, you have to have Kamar too. Right. So what happens is if he's offset, and I'm a defensive end don't worry about going to get the second need you to chip him. I need him half the release inside of you. Because I can't have him isolating his my linebacker. So I gotta make sure I haven't bracket us look. So that means if he leans means you get Phil as as definitive don't run by chip him to make that you can't get out slows down your pass rush. But at tries out yet more from having a wheel go for forty yard touchdown, right? Exactly saw. When Alvin Kamara gate wasn't wheel rail. But we saw him get out on my Malcolm Jenkins have big game. So you gotta sacrifice something, but it's to prevent the big play. Draw? Later on coming up. How can Amari Cooper dominate the Rams secondary? We'll talk Amari next. I. Divisional playoffs. Kickoff this weekend on FOX tomorrow Zeke mcavoy's take on Todd Gurley and the Rams and then on Sunday, Nick foles and the eagles badly. Drew Brees nece saints. It is all happening this weekend on FOX and Fox Sports app. All right. We're gonna get to the Cowboys Rams in a second. But first Celtics and he James Johnson own destroying kyri with the Tomahawk James Johnson has roundhouse kick the basketball out of bogut sham during the Raymond the backboard, his roundhouse. Yes. He has on video. He's one of the greatest athletes in the league. He's also martial arts expert kyri. You gotta hold that L, man. All right. Clippers would say you're prepared for that island. Niggle Yokich grabs the defensive rebound makes perfect full court pass ahead to Jamal Murray. Kevin love LeBron James typically, that's what we see from them yoke between the best passes..

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