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Hi damon fareless host of hunting warhead from. Cbc podcasts in. The norwegian newspaper fiji hunting. Warhead follows a global team of police and journalists says the attempt to dismantle a massive network of predators on the dark web winner of the grand prize for best investigative reporting the new york festivals and recommended by the guardian culture and the globe in mail. You can find hunting warhead on. Cbc listen or wherever you get your podcasts. This is a cbc podcast. You forget how to spell. You have trouble typing. It feels like you're in a fog not really symptoms. You'd associate with covid. Nineteen unless you are one of those unlucky long haulers someone living with the after effects of the virus for weeks or months on end. We still don't fully understand why or how cova can harm our brains or how long the symptoms will last amber spence is one of the many canadians who wants those answers. Amber is thirty one year old mother and phd candidate. In gwen on -tario. She had covid in april amer. Good morning good morning curry feeling feeling. Okay today The brain fog is to too terrible this morning so far. We'll see what the day brings. When did you start to notice changes. If i can put it that way and how your brain was working. Well i didn't really register the changes that happened until after the rest of the kind of visit more physical symptoms of covid subsided. But now you know. I haven't had to deal with a lot of the physical symptoms for quite a while and so and yet the brain fog still persists in. That's kind of when i realized that maybe it was something a little bit different. What is the brain fog field like. It can come in a few different ways so you know sometimes for instance. It might just be like a mind. Blank is what. I've kind of started thinking of it as where i will completely not just forget to do something but completely forget that that situation even existed so one example would be. I was getting my son ready for daycare and i grabbed all of my things rag. My keys my mask. The whole thing got him in the stroller and left thinking that i had shut my door. When in fact. I had not and i left my door wide open and i had absolutely no recollection of just leaving the house at that point so it can..

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