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So a big question, you might have is you know, I started this all up by saying RCA is celebrating its one hundred year. So what is it what what is actually left? What is what is celebrating its one hundred year the company which had ballooned into an enormous and troubled conglomerate in the sixties and seventies has been through so many different sales spin offs and mergers that there's no longer and RCA company. There's no longer an independent company called RCA the name RCA still exists. The brand still exists. It is a trademarked brand today. The owner of that trademark is the French company technicolor essay that was the one that used to be known as Thomson the company license, the the name RCA to other companies that wish to use it on various products. So that includes a RCA records, which I mentioned is part of Sony Music RCA telephones and RCA projectors a company called telephone uses those RCA audio and video and our CEO. RCA accessories are both licensed by vox international. That's v o x x RCA televisions. Licensed by on corporation of. RC computers, which is licensed to American future technology corporation. You get the idea like there's there's the brand the name still exists, but the company doesn't so to say that RCA is celebrating its one hundredth year is I think a little misleading maybe more than a little misleading because the company itself hasn't really existed since one thousand nine hundred eighty six it's interesting to see how a company that was so instrumental in very important moments in consumer electronic history, like the development of color television could ultimately whittle get whittled doorway down two to nothing. Really? But I thought I would cover this because it was a fascinating story, and it has had such an important impact on various parts of technology. Our next episode will not be so deep and and grave a subject as. As the one hundred year history of company were instead going to look at a popular video game. And how it got so popular, and it's story until you about four night. That'll be the next episode. Hope you guys enjoyed this one. If you have suggestions for future episodes of tech stuff get in touch with me the mail address for the show is.

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