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He was still resting his Sterling golden southeastern heavyweight champion. Wow. In Ron fuller's version of southeastern champion in Alabama. That's amazing. Do the guys know that you have these belts? You know, every now and then somebody will reach out about it. There was a guy who actually held the southeastern tag title. He calls me up a few years ago. Nicest guy in the world. I kind of can't remember his name. And it was the only title he ever held. He held it with arn Anderson, who I mean, this is before on Anderson was on Anderson, but I mean, you know, with our narrator, that's a pretty cool story to tell your Friends, right? And he's like, you know, I'm a bass fisherman now. I'm a guide and I'm trying to bring my kid up and explain them how wrestling worked and tell them what I did and I heard you had this title and I was wondering if could I come down and like show my kid the belt and tell them the stories with it. So he reached out to my Jimmy emailed info at American Top Team and said, you know, can this guy call me? I'm a pro wrestler, you know? And super cool story. Yeah, for sure. Yeah, and I'm a sucker. I ended up giving it to him. He was probably worked me. No, he doesn't have a kid. No, he definitely did work here. His kids already grown up and then accountant. That's nothing to do with Russell. But as a fan as a fan Dan, it seems to me that you kind of enjoy giving some of these belts to the guys because when it means something to them. It means the world to them. Yeah. I mean, I love that belt, but Cody Rhodes grew up looking at that bell. Dusty Rhodes is kid for Christ's sake, you know? I mean, it means a lot more to him than it's ever going to mean to me, right? I wouldn't have gave it rich ward.

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