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The latest on a survey released today the number of us adults without health insurance was up to nearly three and a half million this year according to the gallup cher care wellbeing index the increase comes at a time of rising premiums in political turmoil over obama care the uninsured rate among adults was twelve point three percent from july through september that's an increase of nearly one and a half percentage points since the end of last year insurance analysts think the number of uninsured will continue to rise unless president trump in congress take steps to stabilise insurance maher it's my camp in washington a month after hurricane maria rolled across the center puerto rico powers to laugh at the vast majority of people hundreds of miles of transmission lines and thousands of miles of distribution lines were damaged officials estimate it will take more contractors to restore power hopefully by the end of the year more in these stories a town hall i'm jennifer kushinka with your money now they're happy a city in the country is boulder colorado according to a gallup study the progressive town sense of community access to nature sustainable urban development and preservation policies just a few of the reasons residents of the rocky mountain city are happy other cities in the happy top five are santa cruz and san luis obispo california fort collins colorado and charlottesville virginia talk about supply and demand the entry the packers quarterback arron rogers has dramatically affected how much green bay fans are willing to spend to see this week's game ticket king says ticket prices for sunday's home game against the saints have do declined by at least fifty percent the packers will be favoured if rogers who are playing but now they're a fivepoint underdog on wall street the dow industrials up another one hundred eight at twenty three thousand to seventy one the nasdaq is up twenty seven sp 500 up eight crude oil trading at fifty one fifty nine a.

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