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Sean Hannity Show 809 41. Sean, if you want to be part of the program So a lot of immigration news is out there. If you've been following this program, you know, we keep asking the question. How is it that you get to pick and choose which laws you're going to enforce? And those what you don't enforce? Because I don't think we as American citizens have that luxury. Um And then the next question is then if you're aiding and abetting law, breaking like a sanctuary city or a sanctuary state or even the Biden administration that they basically just just process People that don't respect our laws, our sovereignty, our borders and they just get processed and they get aided and and assisted and being transported to, you know, 48 states, the continental United States and you begin to wonder. Well, what if I did that? What have you did that what if any other American was aiding and abetting in the law breaking and anyway, So there is now sheriff's ice officers in court that are trying to uphold the laws of the land. Now, if you don't like the laws, you can always go about the More difficult process, which is to get the Congress the house and get the Senate to pass the law. And the president would sign the law That would then become the new law rather than just making it up as you go, and there is a forthcoming lawsuit accusing members of the Biden administration of willfully violating federal statutes. That requires certain illegal immigrants to be detained and removed from the United States. And this is happening with more frequency than you could ever imagine. And then Kris Kobach is representing for Texas sheriffs and law enforcement in this lawsuit against Joe Biden and his administration would think if the law of the land is followed. I would think that they would have a high probability of winning this lawsuit, but I don't think we have equal justice or equal application of the law. In this country anymore. Sad thing to say, But that's what I believe. Anyway. The lawsuit now has been filed. We have the secretary of Homeland Security Mayorkas, issuing a policy memorandum preventing ice officers from detaining or removing illegal immigrants that federal law say you know, must be detained or removed. And they're just asking that the law of the land be followed. Now. The Biden administration did make an announcement over the weekend, the day before the fourth that that ice that they announced the U. S citizenship immigration services that they are launching an interagency effort to make millions of immigrants living in the United States citizens So not only are they letting you in illegally aiding and abetting you in the process. Now they're they're forging a path where Joe Biden is telling federal agencies to work on welcoming strategies that promote integration include inclusion and citizenship through executive order. Let's just bypass Congress altogether on this. And then, of course, we have Joe Manchin silent on the Biden nominee with ties to eco terrorism, separate and apart from all of that. Polls now show the border crisis. Voters now have soured on Biden and that the vast majority of respondents 51% are not satisfied with Biden's handling of the border crisis. The only 33% agree with them. You have an open borders group complaining that Border security Republicans are staging an insurrection. Of course you have to expect that was coming, but that's where we are, anyway. Brian Judd is the president of the National Border Patrol Council. And he's talking about Secretary May Yorkis using political talking points to deflect from their failures. And this is a Biden induced crisis, but their failures to uphold the law of the land in just the last 24 hours over the Fourth of July. There.

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