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All right. Tell you why the items I'm calling in on all your listeners to know. Helpful. You could be I'm the guy with that. Andre the giant autograph? Oh, that is really cool. Yeah. Thank you. You're a big big help helping all the listeners out there. A really good person. What thanks Johnny. And to be honest with you if some of the stuff that people bring in. It's just like, I'm always cool. It was really neat. It really was. So that'll be in Bill has that out for authentication. And then if if everything's good that'll be in the July August auction. Also there Janet Huggins and Scott. Daddy's great. Here's the item. I don't know just fourth offended because they sure were not a championship team time. But I have a basketball signed by tire bull's team, including Reggie Theus artists guild war. Now, I used to go to games at that time and not necessarily that year. But but a couple years later, I think it was where we could literally go the day of a game get a folding chair under the basket for like sixteen dollars. And how many do you want there'd be like twenty five hundred people? I really believe that Jordan saved the NBA in Chicago. I think of Jordan hadn't come. I think they very well. What moved but I actually think that's a pretty neat team ball. I probably would say, you know, at least in the hundred dollar range did that who is the coach was Dick Motta still the coach. No, I'm sorry. I know about I looked it up. He was he was the coach on it. Boy. That's okay. I don't know. Yeah. I I remember being really excited when artists Gilmore came over from the ABA in the bulls scout Stelo the coach. A long time bucks. Coach barely remembered that he had coached the bulls. John. Did you get signed in person? Or how'd you get it? Frankly, I at a charity auction. Oh, okay. Yeah. All these years. Very cool. It's not as cool as Andre the giant. Remember, all you Andrea? The giant fans there'll be an autograph. I've really cool thing in the July August Huggins and Scott action and Dame from watt. Keegan is next. What's up, Dave? Yes. We're going to do. That's next week. Erin. I does the best. Lurch? See? Dave I have. After hours came out. They they issued cards. There was a red set. And then there's a green set and orange set all for that movie in between the years that they made Empire Strikes Back while I have the full original sets and all of the stickers. What year was that from two? You know, Dave. Probably had been right when they put the movie out. It was the first series build ever that set came out what what the value that might be. I'm not a I'm not a Star Wars collector myself. I always have to look that stuff up. If i'm. The the late seventies. That's what I was thinking seventy eight. Maybe. Yeah. We've run that complete set before where the regular the empire and the several other things they get a thousand two thousand dollars. Oh, Dave, very nice good condition. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Might be something if you want to send it into Huggins and Scott than Bill. It sounds like you'd be willing to auction it for them. Oh, we've done quite well several of those over the years. All right. Very good. Thank you. Yeah. Thank you. We're already at the end of the show. It's another week has ended..

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